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I can help your Bulacan-based business get more sales by promoting your products and/or services to my social media and website.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions by businesses. This list will grow as more questions arise.

At the heart of my advocacy is empowering new local businesses*. I want to help my beloved hometown thrive by helping small local businesses flourish – which in turn fuels more entrepreneurial spirits, thus creating more jobs and boosts our local economy. In that spirit, I offer a free promotional post for newly-opened businesses in Bulacan that have been in operation for three months or less.

WHAT THIS INCLUDES: I will share a post of your choice from your FB page to mine, or you can send me pictures and your business details that I can use for a new post on my FB fan page. I will determine the best time to share the post, and I will tag your FB page so you can be informed once it’s published.

If you want to send me samples (NOT required but will allow me to personally try your products and include a brief review in my post), you can do so via GOP Riders.

*New branches, resellers, sales agents, financial advisors, MLM businesses and the likes are not included in the free promotion.

This option is free — you only need to send me samples — but it does not guarantee a promotion on my Facebook page. I reserve the right to decide if and when to feature a gifted product. I can provide a receiving address upon request.

It is important to note that I only accept gifts if I genuinely feel that what you’re offering is something I would normally patronize/am planning to patronize/think I could patronize. I will then have the option to either post about it on my Facebook page FOR FREE, or send a private feedback to you if I don’t feel that a public review is called for.

If I liked or enjoyed your sample, I will create a genuine, personalized review for my audience —  ultimately driving brand awareness and conversions. Otherwise, instead of sharing my review to the page, I will give my feedback to you in private and hope you take it into consideration in future production runs.

For guaranteed exposure on my social media accounts and website, please consider getting one of my paid promotions.

At the moment, I only do shortform videos like one-minute Facebook reels. If you want a full-fledged vlogger to promote your business, I can refer you to a number of Bulacan Bloggers I know who specialize in video blogging.

I have a full-time work and volunteer to various organizations that occupy most of my time. By monetizing La Bulakenya, I can commit some of my free time to publishing high-quality content that are relevant to my Bulacan-based readers.

The amount I get from La Bulakenya is spent on domain and hosting fees, buying tools of the trade, as well as paying the bills and putting food on the table (girl’s gotta eat)!

I do, but only in rare circumstances (i.e. if I’m friends with the owner). While I would like to promote everyone who reaches out to me for help, my fans are almost wholly from Bulacan, and it is my strict rule to provide them with content that is relevant to them and close to home.


We are very thankful for all the help. You have always given honest feedbacks to further improve our brands. We hope to continue to work with you!
Joshua & Mhai
MOSH, Skin Habitat & Neutralush


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