A 404 Page To Call My Own

I have been searchingΒ high and low for a WordPress Plugin that would easily generate a 404 page for :me: since I am stupid and don’t know how to make one from scratch (yet. I gotta be optimistic here). Sure, I would love a creative and funny 404 page like this one but I know that’ll have to wait. I have tried and tested several plugins on my site already, but either they were too hard to configure for a moron like I am or they look like :poo:

After much :nailbite: and reading, I landed on Andrew Ferguson‘s page and boy was I awfully πŸ™‚ that I found him. He made an :thumbsup: 404 design especially for dummies like me, which you can download here. He calls it a Dunstan-style Error Page, since the design was adapted from Dunstan Orchard’s own error page. You can see my own 404 page here that I made from Ferguson’s excellent tutorial.

Hey, if I can do it, so can you, right? I mean I’m ignoramus extraordinaire when it comes to these things, so worry not. Whatever I can do, you can do better/easier. If you don’t have a 404 page yet and don’t have a clue where to start, head on to Ferguson’s page and you’ll have your very own 404 in no time. I’ve read in dozens of sites that a well-designed and informative 404 page is important in retaining your site readers, so it’s wise to make one now than run the risk of losing readership on your website.

Oh. Before I float away to lalaland, I am accepting link exchanges for this site already. Contact me through leaving a comment, or emailing me, or whatever. Just lemme know so I can include you in my list πŸ˜‰

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  1. That’s very creative. I like your 404 because it actually has a purpose other than telling someone that the page is wrong. At least you can redirect them to another blog post or have them contact you in some way.

  2. I like that 404 page. I don’t have one for my site either. Dabbling with that kind of stuff scares me. I once lost my entire home page just for trying to change the font on a category.
    Mental note to myself, save, save, save before making changes.

  3. I don’t know the first thing about making a button or a header. I don’t even know HOW :question2: I made my header! Trial and error.

    These two are absolutely adorable :inlove: . You could definitely charge a fee for them. You’ll probably get quicker with more practice.

  4. I agree with Christina marce…it’s really YOU! as if you’re really in front of me and telling me what’s the best thing that I could do if I can’t find the page I’m looking for and there are many oprions to browse…

    1. hindi ata marce gene. wordpress lang ata ito kasi ibang level na. dahil kay kaye i’m starting to unlike blogger na din. bwahahaha!

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