Kuya Fedhz???

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Like most people, when I first heard the name Fedhz, I thought the owner of the name is a guy (even with the H, yes. Hee hee). She’s all girl, it turns out, although not a girly girl. I think that’s what I most like about her. That she’s not as complicated as other girls I know because she isn’t as fussy or maarte. She isn’t perfect, and she doesn’t try to be (so sue her. she’s great the way she is, okay?) She’s a constant presence in my life lately when we found out we can talk about absolutely nonsense stuff for hours (or maybe because she’s just naturally talkative. ๐Ÿ˜† ).

She is loyal girlfriend to Mike and good mother to Yz. Yes, contrary to other stupid people’s opinion (which do not matter, really), Fedhz is a good mom. Heck, a great mom. And I’m not just kissing ass. If truth be told, she spends (and has spent) more time learning about how to raise her kid to be a good girl than anyone I know. Sometimes when I don’t know what to do about Svet, I ask her and she tells me what to do, and I trust her, because she’s been through it and she’s learned all she knows by being who she is, someone who is concerned greatly with Yz’s welfare. To think she’s just a couple of years younger than I am.

But she is full of surprises, this one. Like the time when she surprised me with a pack of polvoron delivered to our doorstep (which hubby and Svet consumed faster than I can say Gimme, Gimme!). She sometimes asks things out of the blue which shocks me because well, it’s unexpected. Once I got over the initial why-did-she-just-ask-that days, I am rarely surprised anymore. :haha: She’s also addicted to their laundry (instances of that here, here and a full-length washing machine review (NOT sponsored, imagine!) here). And blog advertising. And.. well, a LOTTA stuff.

I can say a lot more about Fedhz but that would be spoiling your own surprise of knowing her. And a pleasant surprise she will give you, trust me. To you, girl, I look forward to the many more years of friendship (online and offline) that we will share. And from the bottom of my heart yun ha. Walang keme. ๐Ÿ™‚ See you when I see you :cute:

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  1. aray ku. hehe. salamat. uu nga, eh, super obsessed ako sa laundry ko. wahaha! loyal gf? good mom? yikes! baka mapatumbling si mike pag nabasa nya to hwek hwek.

  2. what I love about Fedhz’ personal blog is she writes to the point-may it be her rants and raves, frustrations, plans and achievements

  3. I love the way she puts humor in her posts that surely gives smile on her readerโ€™s face (like me as I’m reading Unglamorous)

  4. I love FEDHZ she is so adorable and sweet and shes like a lil sister ehehhehe I so love her kahit d ko sya nakkasama…i dunno i just love looking at her ๐Ÿ™‚

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