A Thank You Post

My first ever detractor came. I guess it was inevitable. I am getting famous, after all. Haha! I wish. I was shell-shocked when I first read the article (and no, that fugly stupid person does not get any more exposure than she already has, so no links). I even cried. That was my mistake. I shouldn’t have cried. But I couldn’t help it. I was outraged. Will you not be outraged when people tell you they do not want you to have money to feed your family? I bet a year’s worth of my income you will be.

But as soon as I saw her face (Pehpot, that researcher of a girl, hunted the author down and showed me her picture), it made me feel better. Why? Well let’s just say she’s not exactly the kind of person I’d even compare myself to, physically and skill-wise. And that’s my understatement of the year.

Wait, this is a thank you post, right?

So I’m supposed to thank people. People who’ve made me feel better, who made me realize why I shouldn’t even be wasting my time thinking about it, people who have made posts about my portfolio, killing that particular article in search results. And here’s the list of said people together with my thank you note for them. I’m also compiling this for future reference, just in case somebody tries a silly stunt again. A reminder in print that I am loved, that a lot of people believe in me.

Pehpot, you dug the dirt for me. And because of that single picture, I am at peace. Haha! Seriously, though. Thank you for being the bestest friend during the time I direly need one. You are the brains behind (as usual) the barrage of link love, and I owe you big time.

LingLing, I love you already, you know that. Hee hee. ‘Sides being ΓΌber gorgeous, you also have the wonderful heart of a friend. I will be forever grateful to know someone like you.

Ayie, you’re kamalditahan comes in handy in this kind of situation, my dear sister. Thank you for feeling the same way.

Seiko, for being eternally the wise one. I will never be able to put into words how much I am thankful to have known you through the marce club.

Chris, for just believing in me and what I can do.You are the best!

Liz, I know you’re all for a war and I appreciate the kind words on Facebook and on your post. Made this episode much more bearable because you are undoubtedly one of the funniest girls I know.

Niko, (and because she loves me so much has posted about it here, too), because you are always a willing participant in the battlefield (if ever there was one), and would not hesitate to put your life on the line, not only for me, but also for all your friends.

Fedhz, who has to be coerced and threatened into making a post, I’m sorry for being such a pest. But I know you love me and you cannot deny me of that link love, and you know I loveΒ  you back,Β  and for me you’re a rock star.

Anne, although no posts were made, you fought closer to the fugly target than anyone else I know. Thank you for standing up for me.

Sam, I know you like to tear her head off, but we wouldn’t stoop down to her level right? Thank you for being angry with me. It helped my mental health a lot. And for writing another post for me.

Mae, I’m sorry your post is not a blind item anymore. Haha! But I just have to include you here, in case the bitch comes this way, so’s to let her know how much people dislike her post about me. Thank you so much for making me feel so, so much better.

Yami, you know you’re the sweetest, right? I sooo love you. And I hope I can talk to you on YM soon πŸ™‚

Mys, I’m always flattered when you write something about me.Β  I seem larger than life somehow when the post is written by Mys. Tee hee. I luuurve your Fontmoochers, by the way.

The list is not complete, I am still hunting down those who have made a post of support about me. The comment section is open, though (hint, hint).

I am leaving you with this quote from The Libertine:

…you must acquire the trick of ignoring those who do not like you. In my experience, those who do not like you fall into two categories: The stupid and the envious. The stupid will like you in five years time. The envious, never.

And yes bitch. You picked the wrong person to cross. My friends are all war freaks. LOL. If not for Peh acting all Carlisle on us, your life would’ve been hell by now. But no more posts about you. Once is enough. I’m all over it already.

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  1. ay uu si peh naging carlisle.. wait ko lng hint nya for attack eh πŸ˜€ as in! πŸ™‚

    i soooo love the quote!!! pero 3 categories na daw ngaun yan; envious, stupid at fugly. πŸ˜€


  2. I missing something?

    anyway your work shine because you love blog makeover and you done fabulous job with them. πŸ˜€ just keep doing what you love.

    1. alam ko naman e. front liner ka pa nga. haha! pero ayun. nisabi ko na naman sayo who she is di ba? :tongue:

  3. just be assured marce we’re all here for you…di pa nga ako nakagawa ng post ko sa 8 blogs ko…weeeeehhhh…glad to know you’re so fine now..inggit lang yon marce, gusto kasi nya mga designs mo kaso can’t afford sya…LOL! Luv yah! Don’t mind her na marce, enough na yong photo nya to convince us all that she’s totally an envious creature :hug:

  4. nakakaintriga nga…
    who would dare say bad things about you??? grabe naman un, everybody love your designs. everywhere i hop, the blog’s layout was designed by you… tapos ganun?
    nakakamatay nga ang inggit.
    and isa pa, mukhang isang batalyon ang susugod sa gyera pag nagkataon.
    don’t worry, all your friends loves you, dapat nga s’yang mainggit dun. :nod:

  5. I saw her picture too K. I saw it in her twitter account. Wala ako masabi… ang lakas ng loob magsalita… Now, I know kung bat hanggang ngayon single pa din sya hehehe!!!! Tatapusin ko lang contest ko, pagkatapos nun pwede na din ako makipag giyerahan hehehe…

  6. Hi Kaye! Thanks for the appreciation.

    β€œWhen you really believe in yourself, you don’t have to bring other people down.”

    Isn’t it a good quote to ponder on?

  7. ang daming thank you! naiinggit tuloy ako! hahaha! inggiterang kokak na din ba ako?

    well, you know how much we support you (kahit di tayo magtagpo) hehe! love yah!

    1. honga bat ba hindi tayo magkita? perpetual latecomer kasi ang lola mo. hahays. oo alam ko namang lalabs mo ako e. lalabs din kita marce! woot!

    1. naku marce. i know very well love na love mo ako. e shempre love din kita no. unang kita pa lng natin i love you na. haha! pwera biro un ha. πŸ˜‰

  8. girl, isa lang ako sa dami ng naiinggit sa ‘yo.. you know it. haha. bahaginan mo ko konte naman kahit 2 inches lang.. anyways, no kidding here girl pag famous at magaling, madami talaga detractors but take the positive side of it. yaan mo sila maiingit. pag hinog na ang bunga, binabato talaga. you’re the best designer, uber satisfied ako, as in!

  9. Just keep up the good work. Don’t let distractors pull you down. You are surrounded by so many friends, one enemy just add some spice πŸ˜‰ Love your enemy. Do good to them that hate you πŸ™‚ Vengeance belongeth unto God πŸ™‚

    Mejo nawala ako sa sirkulasyon. Hindi ko nasubaybayan ang storyang ito ng buhay mo. Ganun pa man naniniwala akong biniyayaan ka ng Diyos ng husay at galing sa pagdedesign. Hindi ko pa nga lang kaya ang rate mo kaya hindi ko ma pamake over ang site ko πŸ˜€ Pero alam kong hindi ka maramot. Naalala mo nagtanong ako sayo kung saan mo nakukuha ang mga images mo, font at kung ano ano pa. At sinagot mo ng totoo. Nangangahulugang hindi ka takot mawalan ng trabaho. Dahil alam mo ang sarili mong kakayahan.

    Hayaan mo ipapanalangin kita at ang iyong “kaibigan” na bigyan ng kapayapaan ang puso para lubayan ka niya πŸ™‚

    Be Happy! Blessings!

  10. sis check out giveaway at iluvcontest.blogspot.com

    now just continue your design and be happy πŸ˜€ we cannot please everyone.

  11. I know I’m missing a lot!(ito nga yata ang bunga ng lulubog-lilitaw sa blogosphere lol)Wag mong intindihin ang mga detractors mo,K.You have the talent kaya marami kang clients na naka linya at satisfied sa designs mo at isa na ako dun.Those that mind don’t matter!

  12. Trying to make me cry? Cause what you wrote is just too sweet and it touched me deeply <3 I'll always fight for you again for sure, but honestly I do hope that this was the one and only time that you had to deal with such an unworthy person as her *hugs* Oh and I had to laugh when Nico showed me the photo of that hater πŸ˜‰ LOVE YOU :inlove:

  13. Grabe, sis, ngayon ko lang nakita to..
    Just ignore this person whoever she is…di ka lang nya ma-afford kagaya ko..LOLz..kaya tyaga lang ako sa free template..haha
    But ako, I admire your work and your skills, super..Di ko kaya mag-gawa ng sariling template malulukring ako..

  14. i may not afford half of the designs i am drooling for in your wahmaholics blog, + it is one of my grandest dream to have my mum blog designed by you, but i am your supporter through + through. worry not about this person, as i have mention on ayie’s post, she is just envious that she cannot afford to have her blog designed by you, just a pest you shouldn’t be wasting your time on!

    so hold your head up high!

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