Baguio Boy’s Diaper For A Cause

My nephew Elijah‘s birthday will be on the first of September, which also marks the one hundred and two years of existence of Baguio. We are going to host a charity event at the hospital where he was born. My sister Phoebe who masterminded the event (see her post about the event HERE) planned to give out diapers as early as July, and has been asking around for sponsors ever since.

Two big time sponsors have come forward already, and they are more than willing to provide diapers in all sizes for kids and babies, as well as adult diapers for the mommies in the hospital who just gave birth. We’re really hopeful to make the parents at the hospital extra happy with what we plan to extend to them.

We are still looking for sponsors of food and baby items, so if you know anyone who could help us out, we’d very much like to know about it. There’s less than two weeks to prepare and we are all very excited to see those patients smiling. I hope this will be the start of a yearly event for the hospital.

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