New Design: All Things Goddess

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It’s been a while since I’ve worked with a fellow Pinay (who isn’t a close friend) for a design. It’s always great to talk to someone without bleeding my nose out thinking of the perfect English words to effectively get my messages through. Heh. Arni, owner of the All Things Goddess blog, just got back from a blogging hiatus, and has commissioned me to do her blog design in time for her comeback.

As you may have probably noticed from most of my designs, being minimalistic isn’t really my forte. I always end up with a cluttered design, which most of my clients also want (otherwise they wouldn’t have gone for me for a makeover) This particular project, however, unleashed the minimalista in me I never thought I had. And I was so pleased with the outcome that I just have to brag pronto about how clean it is! 😛

keeping it simple

I’m in love! I hope I can keep this up for more projects. LOL. So, so hard not to add juuuust a bit more embellishment here and there. *sigh* Visit her? She’s got tons of gorgeous things to share, I’m sure you’ll love her if you love all things beautiful. Click the screenshot above to go to her blog and leave her some love!

2 Responses

  1. Thank you for the write-up and for making my blog look so clean and pretty! 🙂 You are definitely the diva of blog design, Kaye Mendez!

  2. Ay gusto ko ito…napaka simple lang love love love..

    Humanda ka heheh pinag iipunan kita para hindi akalain na si brown pinay ay isang kuwago…kaya mag isip ka na ng concept sa aking brown pinay na blog hahahahha

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