Baby Alphonse Needs Our Help

I have been out of the blogging scene for a couple of months, but as much as I want to come back with a good news, I simply cannot bear to not share the word about my friend Mye’s newly born, Alphonse. Here is part of her story, directly quoted from her blog:

baby alphonse was born with Tetralogy of Fallot

Early morning, I got a visit from my anesthesiologist, my OB-Gyne and the Pediatrician. They went straight to inform me about the bad news. My baby has a hole in his heart chambers and that it needs to be checked by a Pedia Cardiologist. It was such a devastating news. What did my baby do to deserve such an illness? He is so tiny and fragile and he had just arrived in our lives. I kept on crying and I can’t bring myself to stop. It is so heartbreaking.

The next doctor who came into my room was the Pedia Cardiologist and he confirmed the illness of my son. He has Tetralogy of Fallot. He further explained that there is a hole between his bottom heart chambers causing him to lack enough oxygen supply to his lungs. It was the reason why he wasn’t crying. It was as if my son understands that the further he cries, the more stressful it will be for his heart.

The doctor was very kind and told us that even though it happened to him at this stage, this illness is curable by surgery. Yes, my little boy will have to undergo an open heart surgery to survive this illness. He needs to have it at 6 weeks old, the earliest but no more than 3 months or he will not make it. He told us how much the surgery will cost and what do we need to prepare. We will need roughly $12,500 for the surgery alone. It was another shocking news but deep in our hearts, we knew there is hope. We are not wealthy and we need to get that amount in a month so we can schedule our baby’s surgery and free him from this very stressful and scary condition.

Our family should’ve been the happiest today but this situation brought us tears and worry for our little prince. Every single day, he is trying his best. You will never hear him cry. He cannot even feed a straight 1 oz of milk because it puts stress to his heart. He needs to rest in between small feedings. I cannot breastfeed him because he is not comfortable so I had to pump regularly and give it to him using a feeding bottle. He is fighting and as a family, we want to fight with him.

To know more about Alphonse and how you can help, please go to Mye’s blog HERE. I hope you find it in your good heart to help in any way you can, or at the very least spread the word so others who are willing and able to help him might learn about it.

Thank you so much!

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  1. Hello! Is there a bank account to which we can deposit to? Some of my friends want to make donations but dont have credit cards. Please advise me if bank deposit is possible. Thank you!

    1. Here are the bank details, sorry for taking too long to answer:

      You can send your donation to Mye De Leon’s Paypal account:

      or to her BPI (Bank of the Philippine Island) current account: Myrlyn De Leon – 4181-0037-53

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