Budgeting Tips For Low Income Moms & Families

Proper budgeting can go a long way for fulfilling family needs. Even moms in low income families can reap the benefits of proper budgeting without getting stressed about saving for the future. Moms in the low income group may not realize that there is a difference between needs vs. wants, and it’s indeed possible to control spending to avoid getting into a dire situation.

Here are the top family budgeting tips for lower income family moms:

1.  Skip the junk food

Moms should skip junk food or anything that’s not necessary for the daily diet such as smoking and alcohol. Most of food that is genetically engineered or contain empty calories will be considered as a ‘luxury’ for those on low incomes.

Similarly, grocery bills can be improved by avoiding soda and other carbonated drinks. Even packaged fruit juice is priced high, while it doesn’t contain the nutritional value that natural fruit is able to provide. It’s recommended to drink water instead of these fancy drinks, while the money not spent can be put aside in a savings account.

2.  Go on a coupon spree

Feel free to go on a coupon spree. There are coupons available for a variety of items such as electronic items, clothing and so on. For families who choose outdoor camping as their preferred method of having fun can look for coupons of retailers offering outdoor gear. Similarly, useful coupons for work at home moms are also available.

There are coupons available in stores, while they can also be found at the library, in newspapers and magazines. It’s also possible to request manufacturers of a desired product or service for coupons. Those with an internet connection in their home, even if it’s not high speed like 4G internet, can go online and see listings for coupons to see coupon deals that are currently available and upcoming.

3.  Shop for the month in bulk

Moms should visit stores that give good prices for items purchased in bulk. Examples of items can include common household goods such as bathroom tissue, detergents for the laundry while food items such as milk, beans, rice and wheat are also available in large, affordable packages.

Luxury items are also sometimes available in bulk for purchase such as coke, soda and chips, but it’s best to avoid buying them. In case of buying anything fresh, the members of the family need to make sure it can be used by the expiration date or it may lead to unnecessary waste.

4.  Don’t shy away from used

Moms with low income shouldn’t shy away from going for used items. There might be a case where the mom or someone in the family works online from home from a computer, but really needs portability in form of a laptop. Used laptops are available online and that member of the family should also keep a check on yearly sales such as Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

It’s underestimated on how much can be saved on used items. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to negotiate on used items as well. There’s always a chance the listed price can be reduced by the seller due to the bargain efforts. Clothes that are outgrown by children in the family can be sold to a consignment tore or at the family’s own garage sale.

Low-income families and moms can follow these tips to manage their budget and live easily.

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