New Look, New Beginnings

I have been busy the past two months with moving house and creating a combined portfolio site for Paulie and I. It’s still a mad house over here and we have just launched our new site at Squeesome! Designs, so how did I still manage to redesign my flagship blog? No surprise here, as this redesign has been six months in the works and has undergone a number of editing more than I dare count, so I think it’s high time I roll out my latest revision before I changed my mind and put it under a series of alterations once again.

This latest design is the most minimalistic yet, and its color combinations are copied from the Squeesome! site. I look back at my previous designs and realize with horror how cluttered they all were. There’s still a lot to be trimmed around here, but at least I can say now that most of the doohickeys have been done away with. And I’m down to seven plugins, which is an all-time low, so yeah. I’m super happy with this one.

I seem to recall that I always say I’m going to stick to my newest design for a long time, and then of course I don’t, but this time I think it’s for reals. You’re going to be seeing this theme for at least three years. You can sue me if I don’t, just refer to this post. Hee hee.

Aaaanyways. Doing a short happy dance in celebration of this new look, and then off to our latest client project. Do visit us at Squeesome if you need a WordPress site designed. Xie xie!

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  1. Haha! I see that I’m not alone! If I can only take all your new designs, I will take them all and try to own them all for my sites!!! I found a couple of things I want to add/change in my website but I’m holding back for now. Maybe I’ll come back running to you with my long Christmas list again. But they are quite trivial really and I don’t want to bother you for now. I just want to say congratulations to you and Paulie on the new venture!!! I am happy for you. And I’m happy for where wahmaholic/squeesome is right now! Awesome!

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