Top Torikatsu: Our New Go-to For Easy & Delicious Gourmet Dish

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Paulie likes to cook lunch and dinner. But breakfast? Not so much. So the first meal of the day is almost always left to the mercy of either cereals, bread, oats, or any variety of processed food that is available inside the refrigerator that day. Of course, the limited range of easy to prepare food within our reach gets tedious after a while, to the point that Svet does not look forward to eating breakfast anymore.

Enter Top Torikatsu, the latest product line from Bounty Fresh Chicken, makers of our favorite rotisserie chicken Chooks To Go.

Top Torikatsu

Being a designer myself, I’ll say I’m immediately impressed with the packaging. If I had no prior knowledge of the product and saw it on our local grocery store, I would definitely pick this up in a heartbeat. I’m not an adventurous shopper so I usually go by what I am already familiar with, but for this great packaging, I make an exception.

There are two Top Torikatsu flavors: Classic and Cheese & Chives. The Classic variant already has mayonnaise, much to my surprise (yeah, I didn’t read the packaging too closely, I was busy ogling at the colors) while the Cheese & Chives variant has, well, cheese and chives. Both are flavorful enough to not require a dip, but if you’re the type who can’t live without it, I’ll say go with ketchup and mayo or an equally quick to make veggie salad.

I love the classic, and so does Paulie, but Svet prefers the cheese & chives. What we appreciate most is the fact that Top Torikatsu is lightly breaded, so we still recognize that we are in fact, eating chicken breasts and not just layers and layers of flour. The chicken itself is tender, which is only to be expected from Bounty Fresh.

It says three minutes on the packaging, and it’s not kidding. So for people like us who like to extend our sleeping hours to the last possible minute, Top Torikatsu will be included in our go-to heat-and-eat breakfast item for days to come.

Top Torikatsu retails at Php179 for 450 grams. One pack contains 5-6 pieces of breaded chicken cutlet

Top Torikatsu can be found in these online accounts (I particularly love their FB page, a lot of useful tips in there!):

FB page –
Instagram –
YouTube –

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