Beans and Leaves Cafe & Restaurant Guiguinto

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There’s a new cafe in town, and we’re loving it. Not only is it super close to home so we can go whenever we want, the establishment has a really friendly vibe that we didn’t mind staying over five hours during their soft opening (our first go), just enjoying the food and drinks and chatting with one of the owners (who also happens to be the owner of our kids’ school).

Beans and Leaves Cafe & Restaurant Guiguinto is a secluded spot at the back of 7-11, which is near the St. Martin de Porres Catholic School. While the cafe is not readily visible from the highway, the landmarks are prominent enough to point you on your way. There is ample parking space for when you have a car, so no worries on finding a parking spot. You have to climb a flight of stairs as it is located on the second floor, above a Mang Cha-a joint.

We (me, Ayie, Svet and Elijah) went there to sample some of their food and drink during their soft opening. They serve drinks, snacks and lunch meals and plan to add more items to their menu in the days to come. We noticed an enclosed, air-conditioned area for customers who wants to sing on the videoke machine, a spacious kitchen on the side to prepare their food orders in, and a clean bathroom for customers.

While waiting for our orders, we took pictures of the place. Here are some of them, to give you a view of the space:



We also took pictures of their menu to give you an idea of their price range:

Svet and I haven’t eaten lunch, so we ordered rice partnered with Sinigang na Sugpo (Php250). No picture, because Svet dove right in as soon as the sinigang arrived. Very good, in my opinion, and has a lot of sugpo for the price. Svet finished her order pretty fast. I also had to sample their sisig (I always do on a new restaurant). Sadly, it’s not one of the dishes I’d go back for. But, you know, to each his own.

Elijah wanted the creamy carbonara, while Ayie ordered their buffalo wings. Carbonara was good. Elijah didn’t even wanna share. LOL. Can’t comment on the buffalo wings, though, as I’ve never been a fan of the dish and haven’t eaten that many to qualify to comment on it.

For drinks, we had their milk teas and a frappe. Both good, and we can’t wait to go back to try their other drink offerings.


After eating, we had a lengthy interview one of the owners, the beautiful Leonora Malibiran. Beans and Leaves Cafe was borne out of the need for a new place to hang out and have drinks with friends in Balagtas (where the first branch is located), aside from the usual fast food chains already existing there. In the bigger Guiguinto branch, they decided to offer lunch meals as well.

Most of the staff are graduates of Golden Minds College, a school with several branches also owned by the Malibiran couple. The owner also shared that she herself made the recipes for most of their lunch meals, and is constantly looking for new and exciting flavors to offer to their customers. We’re excited to try their pizza should they offer it in the coming days. Shakey’s (which is the nearest pizza joint in our place) has become old after a million times.

We munched on nachos that we ordered during the interview, while the owner gave us other food samples so we can try more items on the menu

Large Nachos (Php105)
Blueberry Cheesecake
Lasagna Bites
Buco and Lychee Sherbet

It was a great experience, overall. Definitely going back to try some more of their frappes, waffles, baked salmon belly, lechon kawali and bicol express. So, if you’re in the area and is craving for some food and quiet, Beans and Leaves Cafe & Restaurant Guiguinto is a new place to try.

Menu Items: Coffee, Tea, Slush, Frappe, Light Snacks, Lunch Meals
Address: 173 G Dela Cruz Guiguinto, Bulacan (at the back of 7-11, above Mang Cha-a)
Branch: MacArthur Highway Balagtas, Bulacan (in the same building as Golden Minds Colleges and PNB, beside BDO)
Hours: Everyday (10:00AM-10:00PM)
Parking: Car Park
Contact: (0917)8519205 | (044)3280647


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