HydraFacial in Bulacan by Primorosa Aesthetic Center Plaridel

HydraFacial in Bulacan by Primorosa Aesthetic Center Plaridel

One Relaxing Friday

While browsing my Facebook newsfeed, I saw this HydraFacial® post ng Primorosa Aesthetic Center in Plaridel, Bulacan promising a painless facial treatment experience. Hindi ako fan ng facials, sa totoo lang, since my unfortunate (and very painful) facial treatment a couple of years ago. Hindi na ako umulit. I promised to myself, hindi na ako magpapa-facial, EVER. The pain is simply not worth it. Anyway, I’m not the kind to fuss over skin care, I’m super low maintenance like that.

That is, until I was convinced by Dra. Jaimee Vistan-Tisbe (owner of Primorosa) that facials need not be a dreadful experience. I stalked their Facebook page further to find out more details about this HydraFacial® treatment in Bulacan that promises no more tears. Is it too good to be true? There was only one way to find out.


I arrived on the day very nervous about the whole thing. Katulad ng sabi ko, napaka-low maintenance ko na tao, and my beauty regimen consists of reading about the regimens I should be doing, instead of actually doing them. That’s really sad, come to think of it 😛

Dra. Jaimee was very warm and inviting. Yung kaba ko before going, nawala lahat when she was talking to me. She explained facial skin basics, mainly why it needs special care and why facial treatments are advised. I realized, it’s true what they say about Primorosa, that they are passionate about what they do and everyone there makes you feel immediately at home in their clinic.

Waiting area

The main event for me that day was my HydraFacial® treatment. FYI, they are the only clinic in Bulacan offering this premium facial treatment. Dra. Jaimee says her clinic includes more steps to the traditional HydraFacial®, like a massage, a black/white head extraction, and a cooling mask. Before starting, I asked Zara, who was assigned to perform the treatment on me, to not do the extraction part kasi yun ang iniyakan ko dati.

Looking back, I feel like I should have recorded the whole procedure so you can see the entire process from start to finish, but I still have a thing against the camera focused on my face for a long period of time and I’m still trying to overcome that so for now, kwentuhan ko na lang muna kayo 😛 Maybe next session I will bring my tripod and set up first so I don’t have to worry about the camera at all.

And so it begins.

HydraFacial: The Steps

The first step is cleansing and exfoliation. I immediately noticed na ang gaan ng kamay ni Zara, I didn’t feel any pain at all sa simula pa lang. Tinatanggal daw nitong step na ‘to yung dead skin cells sa face ko in order to prepare it for peeling. This is a very short video of the exfoliation process using the vortex thingy from the HydraFacial® machine:

Next was the peeling process. This helps daw in clearing up my (I assume, overly) congested pores. Again, no pain felt during this step, no visible peeling, even. Maybe a very very slight stinging sensation lang, but nothing remotely uncomfortable. My face was a bit red by the end, which is normal naman daw. Below is a short video of the HydraFacial® acid peel procedure:

So the third step is extraction. This is important daw to draw out all the impurities of my face, the vortex thingy sucks up all the gunk from all my years of facial skin neglect, I guess 😆 The sucking sound is oddly satisfying, feel na feel ko na natatanggal lahat ng sumpa ko sa mukha ko hihi!

By this time, I am confident I can take the extra step of extraction, since alam ko na na sobrang gaan ng kamay ni Zara, so I said to her, what the heck let’s do it as well. Ang tapang ko diba 😆 Then we did the red light therapy to reduce daw the redness and the breakouts, and stimulate the production of collagen. After that she applied a cool face mask which made me look like V for Vendetta HAHAHA! Scary when I saw my picture afterwards, so no, not posting it here 😆

Last step yung hydration, which uses the vortex thingy again, this time to deliver the treatment serums that my face needs. Customized yung serums, depende sa kung anong pinaka-kailangan ng face ng client. Short video of that process below:

I might have dozed off somewhere in between my treatment, I’m not really sure HAHA! It was just so relaxing in there! Promise to video the whole thing next time so you and I don’t miss a step.

Fotona Starwalker

While taking pictures of the clinic, I got curious about the machines I saw on their laser treatments room. This is the room I’m talking about, with some fancy-ass equipment that I’m sure cost more than all my worldly possessions combined 😆

Turns out, I can have Fotona Starwalker treatments for Panda Eyes and Angel White laser for underarms in a very short amount of time. Sila lang din ang meron nyan sa Bulacan! Since I was already there, I decided to try it for myself na rin. Sabi naman nila hindi naman daw masakit. So naniwala uli ako. Hihi. Batang probinsya talaga ang peg, excited kapag may bago 😆

Dra. Jaimee was the one who personally did the last two treatments on me. There’s a mild warming sensation then a bit prickly sensation on both procedures, but definitely not painful. They took before and after pictures and I can tell there’s a visible difference between them. Sorry, you don’t get to see them 😆 At least not yet. Maybe when I’m more comfortable, yeah?

Before I left, I was given a pore minimizing toner that I have been using day and night since then. I will not waste a good facial treatment by not following post care instructions, no sir. My sister has commented that my face looks visibly brighter and more makinis when she saw me a couple of days after my HydraFacial®, and I can see it everyday on the mirror, too. Imagine what more sessions could do.


Overall, my experience with Primorosa Aesthetic Center was very pleasant. I am very impressed with all the treatments I tried that day, especially the HydraFacial®. I feel like I’m finally learning to appreciate and take care of my facial skin, so hopefully I can stick to following my routine long after this. Maybe finally start a beauty regimen because man, I’m not getting any younger and my skin is starting to show that.

I have seen, in just a couple of visits, why Primorosa Aesthetic Center is the best skin care clinic in all of Bulacan. Dra. Jaimee is a very hard-working woman and all her staff seems to take after her. Her clinic might look very sosyal and intimidating on the outside, but trust me when I say that the people inside are very warm and accommodating, you’ll be inclined to keep coming back.

Special Treat for La Bulakenya Fans

If you want to try their HydraFacial®, or any of their other facial treatments at the clinic, you can do so this June at a discounted price! Save the image below or take a screenshot on your phone, like the Primorosa Facebook page and present this to the front desk at Primorosa to get a 15% discount on all their facial treatments. This promo is until June 30, 2019 only.

Primorosa Aesthetic Center has facial treatments for all types of budget, meron silang facial for as low as Php350! Afford di ba? Pa-book ka na rin ng appointment today! Say hi when you see me there 😉

Services Offered: Several types of facials including HydraFacial®, nail care and spa, hair removal and medical treatments for the body and face
Address: Tabang, Plaridel Bulacan beside Cafe+, near Guilbert’s Place
Hours:  Mon-Sun 11:00am to 9:00pm
Parking: Car Parking
Contact: 044 794 7980 / 0926 927 2888

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/primorosacenter
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/primorosacenter

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