Lucky Bunny Guiguinto

Milk Tea Shop in Guiguinto

Lucky Bunny Guiguinto is one of the milk tea shops closest to our home, and I’m really happy they have a franchise near us because I would gladly hop on a five-minute drive just to sate my sweet tooth craving for their milk teas. I believe they have seven Bulacan franchises at the time of writing this (Malolos, Guiguinto, Baliuag, Pulilan, Calumpit and Sta. Maria).

My relationship with Lucky Bunny started the very next day they opened in front of Walter Mart Guiguinto last May 2019. I asked P if he could make a quick stop so I could buy a couple of milk teas from them and see what the celebrity raves are all about. I remember ordering their bestseller White Chick and Okinawa. I usually order Okinawa during a first try because this becomes my baseline for determining whether they are worth blogging about and going back to.

The space is small, but ideal for when you like taking pictures of your milk tea. It feels like what a neighborhood milk tea shop should feel like: comfortable with friendly, smiling faces all around. I even accidentally took a quick sitting up nap in there once while waiting for P to pick me up, that’s how comfortable the environment was ?

The Drinks

Lucky Bunny drinks lean on the sweeter side, so if you’re not a fan of overly sweet milk teas, make sure to order them at 25% sugar level or below. Their cream puff and choco mousse are definitely high up there in my favorites from all of the shops I’ve tried so far. So gooood they’re spoon-worthy! Like it breaks my heart to not be able to rip the top open and scoop them out if I was not at home drinking them ?

As of last count, I’ve tried sixteen variants of their drinks. I’m so sorry to all endocrinologists for my blood sugar levels ? A girl’s gotta have favorites, so I’m listing my TOP FIVE down here for our reference (I say our but it’s mostly for me HAHA). Just looking at the pics make me want to stop blogging and go there right now ?

Tall, Dark & Handsome with cream puff add-on (Php140)

My ultimate favorite so far: Tall, Dark and Handsome. I love the creative names of some of their drinks, especially this one. This one is milk tea with choco mousse, but to make it perfect, I always order it at 25% sugar level with pearls and a cream puff add-on. I prefer this more than its partner, White Chick.

Okinawa with Graham cream puff add-on (Php130)

When I ordered their Okinawa the first time, I was pretty happy with how it tasted, so I knew na magkakasundo kami ng Lucky Bunny. After tasting their Okinawa without any add-ons, I experimented by adding the graham cream puff naman and it was sooo good!

Tiger Milk Tea (Php110)

I like ordering Tiger milk teas in shops too because it’s close to Okinawa in that they both use brown sugar. This one from Lucky Bunny did not disappoint. It became an instant favorite!

Baby Ube Royale (Php79)

This is my favorite from all their Lucky Bunny Baby flavors! Ubeng-ube ang sarap! I just wish they sell it in bigger cup sizes. Bitin ang small hihi ?

Green Apple Lemonade with popping bobba add-on (Php110)

Last but not the least, one from their lemonade line: Green Apple Lemonade. Super refreshing! And I’m happy they have a popping bobba add-on because it’s what I like to add on my fruit teas.

And finally, a picture of their menu so you know what to order even before going there ?

They always come out with limited edition flavors, so I’m excited for what’s to come. I don’t intend to stop drinking milk tea anytime soon (in moderation, of course ?) and I’m pretty sure Lucky Bunny will stay high on my list of favorite milk tea shops in Bulacan.

Special thanks to Ms. Ara for trusting me and to Jhay who’s almost always the one who prepares my drinks with a huge smile on his face ?

Menu Items: Milk tea, lemonade & shakes
Address: 1F JFBI Commercial Building McArthur Hwy Ilang-Ilang, Guiguinto beside Wence’ Guiguinto, in front of Waltermart Guiguinto
Hours:  Mon-Fri 11:00am to 9:00pm, Sat-Sun 11:00am to 10:00pm
Parking: Limited Parking
Contact: 0942 565 4338


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