Go Cheap On Prescription Glasses

I used to wear prescription glasses until I left them at the old office and was not able to come back for them. Now I think I need to wear them again because of dizziness and blurring vision lately when I sit for a relatively long time in front of the computer. The old glasses I have cost around $60-70, which when converted to our local currency is still pretty cheap for prescription glasses. I would’ve wanted matching glasses to match my everyday outfit to the office back then, but now that I am a mom (a work at home mom, at that), I will choose not to splurge so much on my potential purchase.

I would definitely go for the $8 Rx eyeglasses offered by some online shops because it’s way cheaper than what I used to have, and looking at the array of their available glasses for women make me want to buy right now.  Maybe with such low prices, I can afford several pairs of prescription glasses even on a budget!

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  1. and then again, another helpful post. I also wear glasses, i’ma check this site soon. i wish I have longer time tonight so that I can check it out.

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