The Uncomplaining Svet

Svet’s never been a fussy baby. It was very very rare that our house was filled with her crying. Even when it was time for her shots, she would just whimper a bit or cry a little during the injection. You wouldn’t even know she is feeling sick unless you feel her slightly hot skin and take her temperature (fortunately, the only times that she gets a fever is after her shots). She’s so quiet like that. In fact, my other two sisters who already have their own babies envy me because Svet is unlike their kids, who cry every chance they get. Hehe.

In fact, I think the only times that Svet cried when she was just an infant was when she has colic (which didn’t happen so often, thank God!). I think for babies, stomach pain is the hardest to deal with. Without having the ability to speak in the early days, all they could do is cry until mommy figures out what’s wrong. My mom always has all types of methods to relieve Svet’s colic, including homeopathic remedies. They work well all the time. Trust my mom to come up with all the solutions to my parenting problems. Haha.

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  1. hi kaye! i’m no mom yet, but i’m the one who’s taking care of my 2-year old nephew. i’ve been doing so since he was 4 months old and like your svetlana, he’s not a fussy baby too. even now, when he gets a boo-boo, he doesn’t even cry or whine a lot.

    i’m sure you’re one great mom. :celebrate:

    btw, i tagged you for an award and you can find it here. :biggrin:

  2. aw. swerte. I think Svet is an angel/textbook baby. si yz kase spirited baby eh. i blog ko nga yan. hihihi. kopya na naman ako. wahaha

  3. Mom is a great blessing, they could help us in managing our babies…I felt so blessed that when I gave birth my parents were here and guiding us the first steps of parenthood

  4. my pia is not a cranky baby din. according to tatay “matiisin” daw ang anak ko. that was 2 years ago. ang pia ngayon ang isa ng tampururot. =D

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