Missing Svet

A house without Svet is really lonely. They have been gone two days now, and it feels like years. They went ahead to Bulacan by a week so she can spend more time with her grandmother (Paulie’s mother) and I am left here because I still need to work and I cannot do proper work in there for three weeks if I went with them. I could have refused and nagged Paulie to just stay here, but Paulie’s family doesn’t get to be with Svet very often, and it would be very selfish of me if I didn’t allow them to go earlier than we originally planned.

This is the first time that Svet and I separated since I gave birth to her, and it’s proving really hard for me. I miss her noise and her mess already, and it’s just been two days. I have to endure seven more days of this before I get to see her again. My nephew El is here, but it’s not the same. Svet is rowdier than El, being older, and that’s what I miss the most. I am trying to make the most of her not being here, finishing all the work that I humanly can, so that time will pass with me hardly noticing it.


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