Kukoco Nail Bar Sta. Maria

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Kukoco Nail Bar

After the sumptuous and very filling lunch at Vaneaty Resto Cafe in Malolos, our little group of Bulacan bloggers proceeded to Kukoco Nail Bar for more girl time. Originally located at Caypombo, Kukoco Nail Bar is now located at Barangay San Gabriel (Looban) in Sta. Maria, Bulacan. This three-year-old business establishment specializes in nail and skin care, taking pride in the all-natural skin care products that they use on their patrons.

Kukoco Nail Bar

Even on the outside, I immediately noticed Kukoco’s painstaking attention to detail.

Kukoco Nail Bar

Kukoco Nail Bar

I immediately felt super special when I read what they posted on the door. They actually closed down their salon for several hours for our visit. My delight was compounded when we entered the place. There was an area in the foyer that they designed especially for us!

Kukoco Nail Bar
I loved the bunting so much I wanted to take it home 😛
Kukoco Nail Bar
I don’t know how we are expected to recover from our last meal 😆
Kukoco Nail Bar
I could definitely work here, if only for the lovely design pieces

The tasteful decor when you enter the threshold further proves that owner Jenina Olivares-Knoxx has a flair for interior design.

Kukoco Nail Bar
Rustic vibe and super comfy chairs. I almost fell asleep during our session!
More shots of the interior
Kukoco Nail Bar
Bulacan bloggers getting their feet pampered

We stayed there until they closed down, which I think was later than usual. Ayie and I requested for their waxing services, to which they happily obliged. Jane (beside me in the pic below) was the one who did my underarm and half leg wax, and I’ll definitely look for her when I go back there. The owner and manager showered us with gift baskets (contents which I am already using, I’ll save that for another post. Ang sipag ko mag-blog diba?) after all our treatments are done, and the staff gladly took a picture with us before we left.

Everyone was really very nice, and I doubt it’s all for show (just because we’re bloggers). I can see in the social media posts about them that making clients comfortable is really their forte. That, and the fact that they all know what they are doing through schooling, training and experience (Jane told me most of them have been with Kukoco since it opened) will definitely keep people coming back again and again.

Kukoco Nail Bar
Bulacan bloggers, together with the friendly Kukoco Nail Bar staff

It was a tiring day for me (being an introvert and all), but it’s all worth it considering the lovely new people I’ve met and the fun and relaxation I experienced during the day. All this pampering stuff is relatively new to me, since kelan lang din kami natuto ni Ayie na “maglandi”. I just started having my hair rebonded and colored earlier this year, and then mid-year we got bold enough to try waxing, and then finally having our mani-pedi done in a salon. Imagine what we will be brave enough do to ourselves next year 😆

I used to think pampering yourself is a waste of good money, as you can easily de-stress without the gastos, but the more we treat ourselves to these little conveniences, the more we like it. The way I see it now is, we deserve it from time to time, as a reward for working our asses off. This is our “me time”, and I believe we all need that in our lives.

What I liked most about the place is how friendly and helpful the staff is and how affordable it is compared to where Ayie and I usually go to have our waxing and nails done. Also, the products they use for skin care are all-organic. How awesome is that? Even though it’s a bit far from our place, they told us they’re opening a branch in Malolos soon so we’re definitely watching out for that. And if you’re near Malolos then you should, too.

And oh, did I mention that Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza has her nails done at Kukoco Nail Bar from time to time too? Yep. You can follow Kukoco’s social media account for more Yaya Dub sightings 😀

Services: Nail Care, Hand & Foot Spa, Massage, Waxing, Body Treatments
Address: 7 JP Rizal St., San Gabriel (Looban) Sta.Maria, Bulacan
Hours: M-Th (12:00PM-8:00PM) | Fri-Sun (9:00AM-8:00PM)
Parking: Street and Car Park
Contact: (0917)8519205 | (044)3280647

Instagram: https://instagram.com/kukoco.nailbar/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kukoconailbar

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