Yumyard Malolos

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Food parks are popping up everywhere like crazy, especially here in Bulacan, but one in particular aims to be a step above your usual food park set-up. Yumyard Malolos is the first and only weekender food and fashion fair that I and several other Bulacan bloggers had the pleasure of visiting and reviewing this month.

Located at A. Mabini St. in Guinhawa Malolos, Bulacan, Yumyard originally opened its gates to the public last February 2017, but had to close on May to give way to renovations on the space. They re-opened last July 14 for the ALL NEW SEASON 2, with all-new cemented walkways and roofing, more food tenant recruits, and a second floor that gave way to more dining space and shopping booths.

The food stalls vary slightly each weekend, depending on the feedback of the customers, which I think is great because only the best of the best get to stay week after week, and the customers can expect something new on the following week. A pretty nifty concept which I think all other food parks should consider, to ensure that customers keep coming back to a high-quality standard of al fresco dining experience. Below are all the food tenants on the week that we went, to give you an idea of what to expect when you go there.

Seafood Shack by Mera’s Kitchen | Namasté
Churros by Sophia Bulacan | Kanto Katsu | Fruity Burger
Sweet Cup by Cafe Monde | Hailey’s Grilled Station
Goki Smokehouse | En La Cesta | Fly High Food Stop
#IceKaLang | The Wrap Project
CAV’s Pizza | Steaks Versus Fries | Rated SPJ Flavored Fried Chicken Cafe
Wabbles | Churen’s Shawarma Avenue

And here are the close-up shots of the motherlode of food that the stall owners so kindly provided for us for the review. Warning: may induce slight (okay, vast amounts of) drooling and a violent desire to go to YumYard now na.

Seafood Boodlefight (Php599)
Chocolate Smoothie Bowl (Php125)
Coated Churros (Php135)
Giant Butterfly Squid (Php179)
Mixed Tempura (Php165)
Ton Katsu (Php128)
All Star Flavored Wings(Php280)
Burrito wraps (Php88 each)
Western Baby Back Ribs
Fish and Chips (Php179)
Steak with a side of French Fries (Php145)
Liempo with Rice (Php85)
Poutine Fries (Php90)
Isaw (Php50 for 4 pcs.)
Sisig Rice Bowl (Php99)
Liempo Rice Bowl (Php99)
Beef Tacos (Php149)
Cav’s Special & All Meat Supreme (Php229)
Red Iced Tea (Php80)
Frappe with toppings (Php90)
Oreo Loco (Php130)

There is also music to be had after dark. Two kuyas serenaded the patrons with their wonderful, soothing voices. I was only able to take a picture of the other one, so you just have to imagine the face of the other. Hah. Thankfully they sang songs that I actually know the lyrics to. I still recognize new songs, good job, me.

When we were done eating, I browsed The Balcony Bazaar because, you know, me + shopping, we were meant to be. I was pleased to find out they carry an online brand that I’ve been looking at for so long. I was not pleased to find that they don’t carry anything my size (especially after eating, yikes!#biggirlproblems). But see that Bulakeña shirt on the left? I took that baby home. Not for me, obvs, but Svet. New goal in life: finding that same shirt, my size. Found a turban for Svet as well. I always set off to buy stuff for myself and then come home with stuff for the little girl. Haay motherhood, amirite?

The experience was great, overall. The food, even better. I liked the second floor area, especially after dark when it started to get breezy. The perfect place to hang out with people all around you just having a good time. Our little blogger group took a picture with the managers and the YumYard Baes, a souvenir of the first time we were all there together.

Bulacan bloggers with Yumyard Malolos coordinators. (From left to right: Jaypril Jaring, Jennie Villanueva, Phoebe Noelyne Mendez, moi, Ranne Tubig, Lie Pagtalunan, Raymond San Pedro and the two kulit kids Cassey and Elijah)
With the Yumyard Malolos Baes

Menu Items: Coffee, Tea, Slush, Frappe, Light Snacks, Lunch Meals
Address: 99 A. Mabini St. Guinhawa, Malolos, 3000 Bulacan (a short walk from Malolos Crossing, beside Green Ville Drive Inn)
Hours: Every Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (12:00PM-12:00AM)
Parking: Street Parking, Lot Parking
Contact: (0906)7912986


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