Amo Yamie Crib Malolos

After Ayie and I we went to the Buffex, Svet said she was hungry and thirsty. The Amo Yamie Crib is just across the street from the Hiyas ng Bulacan Convention Center, and we haven’t been there before so, we went.

Svet loved the interiors, and since I’m guessing it was designed specifically to appeal to a younger generation of clientele, then they did a good job. Indeed, when we arrived, almost all of the little cubicles they provide for customers are filled with teens just several years older than Svet. She immediately went to this corner filled with post-its and asked me to take a picture of her.

We ordered before we went in one of the upstairs cubicles, and waited for the thingamajig they handed us to light up so we can pick up our orders below. The crew was super friendly, service with a smile seems to be their motto. The crowd was, as expected, rowdy but good-natured.

Here’s what we ordered:

Drinks: Wizard of Oreo (Php109), Hot S’mores (Php99), Blue Unicorn Frost Frappe (Php149), Mini Bites with Fries (Php99), Pizza Fries (Php89) and Cinderella’s Carbonara (Php109)

In all honesty, the food is nothing exceptional (what we ordered, anyway), so don’t go here expecting to be wowed by the food. They are visually delightful though, and the place is cute as a button, so if nothing else, it’s a sumptuous treat for the eyes. Definitely Instagrammable, a great place to hang out with friends and just chill after maybe a stressful day at school or at work. Another plus is the great service we got, which to us is very very important in the food service industry.

Will we go back again? Well, if Svet gets the hankering to try more of their entertainingly-named frappes, then yes, maybe we’ll go back and then try some more of their food offerings.

Menu Items: Coffee, Tea, Slush, Frappe, Light Snacks, Lunch Meals
Address: 2nd floor Eco Commercial Bldg, Guinhawa Malolos, Bulacan (Newly constructed building in front of Malolos Capitol. Near Bulacan State University.)
Hours: Mon-Thurs (10:00AM-8:00PM), Fri-Sat (10:00AM-9:00PM), Sun (11:00AM-8:00PM)
Parking: Car Park


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