Atmos Food Colony Malolos

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Atmos Food Colony

Atmos Food Colony is the newest food park in Malolos that opened its gates to the public last November 26, 2017. They boast of enough space for a huge crowd (two levels of al fresco dining areas), ample parking space, a playground for kids, and twenty five different food stalls to cater to almost every craving.

We went there last Wednesday to treat the two kids since they just finished their exams. Here are some photos of the park:

Love the lights!

Here’s what we had:

T-Bone Steak
T-Bone Steak with Corn & Cheese and extra rice from Juan Antonio’s (Php199 + Php25 per side dish)
Honey Sriracha Lovely Cereal Chicken Wings
6 pcs. Honey Sriracha & 6 pcs. Lovely Cereal Chicken Wings from Love at First Wings (Php289)
Wichos Special
Wichos Special from Wichos (Php180)
Burger and Fries Pizza
Burger and Fries Pizza from Crazzy Mezzy Pizza (Php325)
Unicorn Rider Churros
Unicorn Rider Churros from Carnival Churros
Sugar Cane with Chia Seeds
Sugar Cane with Chia Seeds from Mister Cane (Php80)

I also took photos of the food stalls and their menus so I can share them here.

Warning: very long scrolling ahead, please bear with me 😀

First floor stalls:

Crazzy Mezzy Pizza Stall
Crazzy Mezzy Pizza (menu below)

Crazzy Mezzy Pizza Menu

LafangzStreats and Twinny Bunny Milk Tea Cafe Stalls
LafangzStreats and Twinny Bunny Milk Tea Cafe (menus below)

Twinny Bunny Milk Tea Cafe Menu

LafangzStreats Menu

LafangzStreats Menu

LafangzStreats Menu

Mister Cane (menu below)

Maharajas Kababs Stall
Maharajas Kababs (menu below)

Maharajas Kababs Menu

Maharajas Kababs Menu

Maharajas Kababs Menu

Healthy Creations Stall
Healthy Creations (menu below)

Healthy Creations Menu

Love at First Wings Stall
Love at First Wings (menu below)

Love at First Wings Menu

Shrimpkets Stall
Shrimpkets (menu below)

Shrimpkets Menu

Shrimpkets Menu

Juan Antonio Steak House Stall
Juan Antonio’s Steak House (menu below)

Juan Antonio Steak House Menu

Shefu Kid Anime Street Food Stall
Shefu Kid Anime Street Food (menu below)

Shefu Kid Anime Street Food Menu

Monster Burger Stall
Monster Burger (menu below)

Monster Burger Menu

Chicken Poppers Stall
Chicken Poppers (menu below)

Chicken Poppers Menu

Woahfulls Bubble Waffle and Desserts (menu below)

Freezing Lab Shake Corner Stall
Freezing Lab Shake Corner (menu below)

Freezing Lab Shake Corner Menu

La Cream Stall
La Cream (menu below)

La Cream Menu

Carnival Churros Stall
Carnival Churros (menu below)

Carnival Churros Menu

Shaozi And Wichos Stalls
Shaozi And Wichos (menu below)

Shaozi Menu

Wichos Menu

Naked Juice Stall
Naked Juice

You thought we were done? Hah! Not quite ^_^ Second floor stalls:

Nette’s Steak, Ribs and Cebu Boneless Lechon (menu below)

Nette's Steak, Ribs and Cebu Boneless Lechon Menu

Inilao Bilao Meals Stall
Inilao Bilao Meals (menu below)

Inilao Bilao Meals Menu

All Dough Project Stall
All Dough Project (menu below)

All Dough Project Menu

Cheesemax Stall
Cheesemax (menu below)

Cheesemax Menu

Seoul Sisters Stall
Seoul Sisters (menu below)

Seoul Sisters Menu

Kendoll Sizzling Plate Stall
Kendoll Sizzling Plate (menu below)

Kendoll Sizzling Plate Menu

Sase by Ninas Fried Itik Restaurant Stall
Sase by Nina’s Fried Itik & Restaurant (menu below)

Sase by Ninas Fried Itik Restaurant Menu

Bar n Bottles Stall
Bar n’ Bottles (menu below)

Bar n Bottles Menu

I loved the installation of lights and the cheerful yellow chairs. I liked the wall painting on the area where we sat. From our orders, I loved the chicken wings from Love at First Wings (you have to try the Honey Sriracha and Lovely Cereal, really flavorful). The Chocolate Almond bread from All Dough Project that we took home was surprisingly good, perfect with coffee.

Some notes:

– It can be pretty hot when you first arrive. The abundance of lights inside the park didn’t help, but later in the night it gets cooler. I moved around a lot when I was taking pictures so my shirt was drenched when I was done ^_^

– There is NO service water, so if you prefer water over flavored drinks or beer, be prepared to buy bottled water. Next time we go, we’re thinking of bringing our own.

– The music is a tad too loud for my liking, although I like the songs they play. I hope next time we go it’s an acoustic night.

– It rained while we were there. We were seated on the area near the stairs so we had a roof over our heads, but a small portion of tables on both levels had to be moved so they don’t get wet.

I will update my post with more food pics as soon as we go back.

Menu Items: Pasta, Pizza, Chicken, Lechon, Finger Food, Shawarma, Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, Rice Meals, Desserts, etc.
Address: McArthur Highway Tikay Malolos, Bulacan (beside Kamalig Depot, near First Bulacan Industrial City)
Hours: Mon-Sun (3:00PM-12:00AM)
Free Wi-Fi: No
Parking: Car Parking


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