We Bare Bears (Plus Free Downloads for Mobile!)

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We first watched a couple of We Bare Bears episode earlier this year while surfing channels in a hotel room, and we became addicted ever since! Yes, we, as in all three of us. We know its geared towards young audiences like Svet but Paulie and I loved how cute Grizzly, Panpan and Ice Bear are. Instant seal of approval when we found out how child-friendly each episode is, as it explores friendship in a modern setting. We’re not worried about Svet watching any episode alone, but of course Paulie and I prefer that we watch with her, not because we need to, but because we want to. We actually look forward to our We Bare Bears TV time!

Svet has already decided that she would be Panpan (because pandas are her favorite animals), Paulie would be Ice Bear (because he cooks and he’s super funny and cool) and I would be Grizzly because, well, there’s no one else left ^_^ Fine by me. I think Grizzly’s pretty cool (even though he’s bossy). Plus he always gets to be on top of the bear stack ^_^

Our favorite episode so far (we haven’t watched season 2 and 3 yet) is the one where Panpan meets Lucy, the love of his life. The one scene where he sang Girl Be Sellin’ Sunshine is just absolute hilarity! We’ve prolly watched it like a thousand times already but man, it never gets old. Paulie and I have therefore decided that this will be our new theme song ^_^ (previously it was Chiksilog by Kamikazee, because, why not? ^_^ ) Clip of said scene + lyrics is below. You’re welcome:

Girl be sellin’ sunshine,
(Girl be sellin’ sunshine…)
Lookin’ so fine.
(Lookin’ so fine…)
Can’t believe my eyes, going out of my mind.
(Be my girlfriend!)
Wanna ask you, lady, to forever be mine.
(Hope she’s single!)
Try to keep it cool, Panda, just improvise.
(You can do it!)
She’s the kind of girl that makes a guy realize!
(Can’t be nervous!)
Wanna buy you flowers and spend $9.99!
(She’s so priceless!)
Girl be sellin’ sunshine,
(Girl be sellin’ sunshine…) (2x)

We loved it so much Svet’s already requested that our phone wallpapers and ringtones be changed to We Bear Bears, to which I happily obliged. It’s impossible for me to say no. I mean, wow freaking cute are they??

We Bare Bears iPhone Wallpaper Free Download
We Bare Bears iPhone Wallpaper Free Download

Want them for your iPhone? Just click any of the links below:

Feel free to share with fellow We Bare Bears fans like us! All materials used are copyrighted to We Bare Bears creators.

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  1. Can you make it available for mobile?? It says that compressed .zip files can only be opened on the computer…

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