Kukoco Nailbar Malolos

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Sometime ago, we were invited to Kukoco Nailbar, this lovely nail salon in Sta. Maria Bulacan owned by the even lovelier Jenina Olivares-Knox. Fast forward to two and a half years later and we found ourselves yet again in the company of the friendly staff of the establishment, but this time in their newly-opened branch in Malolos, Bulacan. Ang tuwa namin ni Ayie when we heard that the owner has plans for opening a branch near us. We really liked their service and people far better than the other nail salons we’ve gone to so far, walang bola. Their prices are more reasonable din, so what’s not to love?

Their Malolos branch has only been open for three months. I didn’t realize I’ve been passing by it every time we bring Svet to school because it was so inconspicuous. Tucked in a little corner of a lot alongside Zion Christian Fellowship and Pet Solution Veterinary Clinic Malolos, the nail bar can currently accommodate only four people at a time. There are plans to extend the establishment, of course, to take in more customers and offer more services like massage, waxing and body treatments like those offered in the Sta. Maria branch, but no definite date yet.

The unassuming building is easy to miss

Notwithstanding the facade, the interior has the same vibe as their Sta. Maria branch: relaxing, very chic, warm ambiance. The four chairs are spaced so you can choose to make chismis sa katabi mo, which is what I like to do while having my nails pampered. One more chair and it’s the perfect number for me, my mom and my three sisters. It’s one of the things we’d like to do for bonding from time to time (aside from eating, duh).

Ayie and I invited our other sister Rikka, so there were three of us at the salon at the time. Miss Becca (who we previously met at their Sta. Maria branch) and two new girls (Yang and Abby) were there to pamper us, starting with a sugar, salt and dragonfruit mix foot scrub, which I needed badly, TBH.

Ayie and I, semi-blurry photo courtesy of Rikka
Sisters three

They use all-natural nail and skin care products that are not only good for their clients but harmless to the environment as well, so it’s still their best selling point. They have Caya Leaf Tea boxes (in Turmeric, Malunggay and Guyabano flavors) available for purchase in the store, as well as organic soap bars (which we also went home with). We were able to sample the Caya Guyabano tea before (super refreshing, swear), and it was a hit to Ayie and I so we purchase it from their bazaar appearances whenever we see them in Robinsons Malolos. Now we know where to go when our stocks run out.

Haven’t tried the soaps yet but knowing their company values make me certain that it’s going to be as effective as advertised. I can’t wait for my mom to try their Melasma Pink Bar as she’s been trying to lighten her facial discoloration without much success in the past. Hopefully she’s hiyang to it.

We went home feeling refreshed and looking forward to our next pampering session together with the girls. Now that a branch is nearer, Kukoco will definitely be our go-to nail salon from here on out. Hey, if you’re going, better call ahead to reserve so you can be accommodated at the time and date of your choosing. Space is limited so reservation is important. Contact details are below for your reference.

Group picture with the Kukoco girls

Services: Nail Care, Hand & Foot Spa
Address: MacArthur Highway, Malolos, 3000 Bulacan (alongside Zion Christian Fellowship and Pet Solution Veterinary Clinic Malolos, across Bulacan Polytechnic College gate)
Hours: M-Th (12:00PM-8:00PM) | Fri-Sun (9:00AM-8:00PM)
Parking: Street and Car Park
Contact: 0956 724 8677 | 0915-9-KUKOCO | 0995 3766989

Website: https://www.kukoconailbar.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KukocoNailbarMalolos/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/kukoco.nailbar/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kukoconailbar

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