Pest Control: A Luxury or A Necessity?

The number of people in society who believe that a regular pest control service is only needed by those who have a pest problem to begin with is thousands too many. This is a myth; pest control is for those who don’t ever want the nuisance of a pest problem to begin with. The reason it is not given the universal name of pest prevention instead of pest control is because pests do not discriminate; we all want to believe that only people who keep a dirty home or business incur pest issues, but the reality of it is that pests do not care. A myriad of factors influence the movement and intrusion of pests. Geographic location, temperature, moisture, natural biological processes and other peoples homes can all be reasons why even if you keep a clean home or business you can still incur a pest infestation. Scary right? Yes, but regular pest control service can stop this from happening before it even has a chance to start, and that is the real key to keeping a pest free home.

What exactly is a pest anyway? According to Merriam Webster a pest is an annoying or troublesome person, thing, or animal; a nuisance. Yes, even your boss or your great aunt Sue can be defined by the word pest. For these purposes, however, we are going to consider a pest to be the following: any type of mites, fruit flies, weevils, termites, ants, ticks, gnats, silverfish, stink bugs, earwigs, singing pests, beetles, spiders, bed bugs, fleas, mosquitos, flies, cockroaches, millipedes, amphipods, centipedes, crickets, kissing bugs, lice, locusts, mealworms, moths, snails, slugs, scorpions, and rodents. Any single or combination of the listed pests have the capability to invade and invest your home and or business if you are not protected first by pest control service. All pest services provide preventative care, such as because they would rather prevent the cause of the problem instead of have to eradicate and clean up the issues and mess when they do invade.

What is even more frightening than the extensive list of pests is the diseases that they have the capability to carry into your home or business. You will be baffled at the number of diseases that these small nuisances can carry. Mosquitos can carry malaria, yellow fever, lymphatic filariasis, dengue fever, West Nile and chikungunya virus. Flies can carry onchocerciasis and leishmaniasis. Bed bugs can transmit Chagas disease. Fleas and lice can transmit typhus, trench fever, and relapsing fever. Ticks can carry Lyme disease, meningoencephalitis, relapsing fever, babesiosis, tularemia, and ehrlichiosis. The key to keeping these disease and more out of your home is to hire a professional pest service to prevent the entry of the carriers to your home or business so they do not have the chance to transmit diseases.

If the various pests and wide scope of diseases they can transmit to your family and or your pets don’t convince you enough, surely the welfare of the structure and reputation of your home or business will. How would you feel if a neighbor invited you to dinner at their home, and when mixing the salad a giant cockroach scurries across the floor! Time to go home right? Exactly. No one will want to step foot in your home or business of any kind if they know you have any type of pest problem. What if you were at the local barbershop and you got bit by a couple of ants? You wouldn’t be returning again for a haircut there. In addition, mice and rats will chew up your electrical systems and then die in the walls of your structure making for a very gross smell that will be hard to eradicate. Termites can eat through your wood to the point beyond economical repair.

Having a regular professional pest service provider provides you with the benefits of NOT having the problems mentioned above, nor having to worry about incurring any of the issues mentioned. It will be a weight off your shoulders as a home or business owner and save you much more money and heartache in the long haul. Just like any other utility needed to lead a healthy and comfortable life, like electricity, heating, or gas, pest control is included on that list and should be treated as so.

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