Seoul Sisters Korean Resto Bar Baliuag

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Samgyeopsal joints have been sprouting left and right since the Korean wave hit the Philippine shores anew with their latest K-dramas and K-pop stars. It’s hard to find a Filipino NOT in love with grilled pork belly, which is literally what Samgyeopsal is. It’s no surprise when Filipinos started to crave Korean cuisine as well, which brings us to the birth of Seoul Sisters, a Korean Resto Bar in Baliuag, Bulacan that serves authentic Korean cuisine.

Owing to the renewed love of Pinoys for everything Korean, owners Lorie Marcelino and Michelle Pagana saw it fit with their experience to put up a Korean grill restaurant in their local area. The Seoul Sisters restaurant offers not only Samgyeopsal, but a host of other beloved Korean food as well, bringing us a well-rounded Korean experience right in your local neighborhood.

They started as a stall at Atmos Food Colony in Malolos, but when their contract with Atmos was up, they decided to look for a place to call their own. They opened independently on November 3, 2018, serving locals in and around Baliuag since then.

Ayie and I went last month for dinner with our respective families upon the owners’ invitation, so we may present to you some of their bestsellers. And what better way to promote their menu than by putting their bestseller front and center? Their unlimited Samgyeopsal:

Here we have Karubi Sukiyaki Ireland Beef and Bo Ssam (pork belly) as the stars, then their side dishes are composed of kimchi, potato marbles (which were my favorite among the side dishes), beansprouts, pickled raddish, garlic, onion rings and Romaine lettuce. It also included Doenjang (soybean soup), egg rolls and rice, and iced tea for drinks, though it’s not in the above picture. This order alone is very filling.

They also served us another bestseller, their Korean fried chicken. It was a combination of Ma Neul Gan Jang (garlic soy) and Yang Nyum (sweet & spicy). I preferred Ma Neul Gan Jang because Yang Nyum was a bit beyond my spicy level reach, but both were so flavorful that it’s no wonder people order them.

The boys ordered Beef Bulgogi rice, some Kimbap and Kimchijeon, which is basically kimchi pancake. Not the best-looking pancake I’ve seen in my life, but definitely one of the most savory.

Here’s their menu, so you can decide (and research, if you’re not familiar with Korean food) beforehand what you will order when you go to their place.

And finally here’s me pretending to cook the meat so that I have one picture in here 😆

Would I go back? Yes, especially for their Gamja Jorim (braised baby potatoes side dish, the best among the Samgyupsal joints we’ve tried so far). I’ll definitely order Ma Neul Gan Jang again, along with their hot pot offerings, which we didn’t get a chance to sample because we were so full already.

Menu Items: Unlimited Samgyeopsal, Rice Meals, Korean Fried Chicken, Hot Pots, Korean Food
Address: 0227 DRT Highway Pinagbarilan Baliuag, Bulacan 3006 (in front of Shell Station Tarcan, near Wilcon and Nissan Baliwag)
Hours: Mon-Sun (11:00AM-10:00PM)
Parking: Limited Car Parking
Contact: 0923 888 6079


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