Mashiso Korean BBQ Meycauayan

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An Afternoon At Mashiso

Nung last week ng February, we were invited by store manager Johanna Joyce Abanilla to their relatively new Korean BBQ restaurant in Meycauayan, which opened just last December. Conveniently located at Sterling Square in Iba, Meycauayan (just a few blocks away from the common terminal), this samgyeopsal joint serves up a fantastic array of side dishes and nine types of meat to delight customers. Ang dali makita ng place nila, medyo tumingala ka lang ng konti kasi nasa 2F sila ng Sterling Square.

Below is their updated menu. Updated, kasi promo prices lang nila yan before but they decided to make it their permanent prices. For Php399 lang you get six pork and chicken types na plus unli rice, soup and side dishes. Add Php100 lang at unlimited everything na, pati cheese at three types of beef and a pitcher of iced tea na rin. Kids 3 years old and below dine for free, while kids 4-10 years old are half price.

The place itself is spacious, at yung floor to ceiling glass windows nila lining the two sides of the resto makes it perfect for taking gorgeous pictures of their menu in the day time. Sobrang maaliwalas talaga. In fact, Mashiso has the most airy atmosphere among the samgyeopsal joints I’ve been to so far. That’s a huge plus for me since I like taking food photos. I need light people.

In hindsight, I could have taken a better photo from the other side of the room to show you how truly bright it is in person. We’ll chalk it up to brain fog after a food coma. 😆

The Nitty Gritty

This is what I’m taking about, the pictures we took that day need no Photoshopping at all. Ganun kaliwanag sa place. Buhay lahat ng kulay ng photos without the need to edit. Lahat ng photos, IG-worthy! Ang dali lang ng buhay kung lahat ng resto ganyan 😛

As you can see in the above pic, andami nilang pa-epek na side dish. There are several new side dishes which we haven’t seen in other samgyeopsal places before. They have napa (cabbage) kimchi, algamja-jorim (braised baby potato), pickled onions, oi kimchi (cucumber kimchi), scallion salad, battered veggies, myeolchi bokkeum (maple glazed anchovies and peanuts), gyeran mari, and minced beef and beans.

Everything’s good, even their soup will demand your attention. But if I have to pick a couple of favorites, they will have to be the cheese dip and the Asian blend chicken.

Nakakaadik yung cheese dip, lumalaban sa cheese dip ng SamG, promise. And the chicken, ang lamboooot! Maybe it’s because they use leg quarter fillets. I swear, it’s the only grilled chicken I could eat in unlimited amounts. All their meats are cut in perfectly sized portions — not too thin and not too thick, either. Another thing I like is that the meat bowls they use are stackable, so they don’t take up too much unnecessary space on the table, a slightly annoying problem we have with some of the Korean BBQ restos we’ve been to in the past.

I don’t know if we’re supposed to be proud that we polished off this much halfway through the meal. 😆 Yes, halfway. That’s not the entire number of meat bowls we are able to go through. I think the total was around 14-15. Juskoday, looking back we really did eat a lot that day 😆 They also have Korean ice pops, a satisfying way to end the day’s sumptuous meal.


It’s a yes for me! This is one of the best samgyeopsal places in Bulacan, IMHO. Definitely one of my top three favorites sa mga nakainan namin so far. It’s fairly accessible to us, too (just a 30-minute drive via NLEX). Everything you’re looking for in a Korean BBQ resto, nasa kanila na: delicious, perfectly sized meats, a good variety of side dishes you won’t see anywhere else, friendly staff, well-lighted interior, great ventilation (you won’t come out smelling like BBQ, which is a huuuuge plus), affordable prices. Lahat na teh! Aaaand, what’s a review post without a picture with our lovely point of contact, Ms. Johanna Joyce. She was very accommodating when we were there. Thanks Ms. Joyce!

Menu Items: Unlimited Korean BBQ and side dishes, rice, cheese sauce, iced tea
Address: 2F Sterling Square Iba, MeycauayanA few blocks from the common terminal, in front of David’s Tea House and K Servico. You can also Waze Mashiso
Hours:  Mon-Sun 11:00am-10:00pm
Parking: Car Parking
Contact: 0942 565 4338


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