Primo’s Grill & Resto Baliuag

A Facebook post back in April asking for recommendations about where to eat in Baliuag brought Primo’s Grill to my attention, so we went there. This was when they were still at their original location: a small, unassuming place on the streets of Baliuag.

Old Primo’s Grill & Resto location

We were served a hearty lunch consisting of their famous beef chaofan, sizzling pork sisig, sizzling buffalo wings, beef caldereta and three types of dessert: halo halo, mais con yelo and saging con yelo.

Beef chaofan with 5 pcs. siomai and beef strips (Php79)
Sizzling pork sisig with egg (Php199)
Sizzling buffalo wings with rice, sides and egg + soft drink (Php99)
Beef caldereta (Php199)

I loved their beef chaofan and beef caldereta! The chaofan is real value for money and is a complete meal in itself, while the beef on the caldereta is super soft, and it’s quite close to how P cooks it at home. As for the desserts, everything served to us was generous for the price point, and I had a fun time taking photos of them because they’re certainly picture-worthy:

Halo halo (Php50)
Mais con yelo (Php50)
Saging con yelo (Php50)

They have moved to a bigger, better and more visible location since then. So we went back last November to see their new location, and taste more items on their menu, of course ? We weren’t disappointed! They even had more items on the menu and the new space is airy and bright (perfect for taking photos!). I am very happy with how far the owners (Ara and Ian, a very friendly young couple) have come in such a short span of time! But it’s no wonder, they have the perfect balance of heart and eye for business.

New Primo’s Grill & Resto location

This time around, we were served an even bigger lunch with some of their bestsellers: sinigang na baka, pusisig, shrimp in salted egg, longganisa sisig, lumpiang shanghai, buffalo wings with fries, pinaputok na bangus, barbeque and grilled liempo.

Big lunch at Primo’s
Sinigang na baka (Php250)
Pusisig (Php199)
Shrimp in salted egg (Php199)
Longganisa sisig (Php199)
Lumpiang shanghai (Php150)
Buffalo wings with fries (Php199)
Pinaputok na bangus (Php199)
Pork barbecue (Php100)
Grilled liempo (Php55)

From all the above, my favorites would have to be their sinigang na baka, pusisig and shrimp in salted egg. The sinigang is heavenly because the beef is very tender so it made the broth super rich. It’s no wonder people travel just to taste this bestseller. The squid in the pusisig is tender and the sisig stuffing is flavorful, making for an outstanding dish. The shrimp in salted egg was new to me, who knew combining them in one dish would be so tasty?! The lumpiang shanghai was good, too. It was served to us freshly-cooked.

Halo halo v2 (Php50)

For dessert, we were served their overload halo halo with even more toppings than the one we had back in April. They use our favorite Good Shepherd Ube jam in it as well as pastillas now. It’s good to save some tummy space for this dessert as this is also very filling. A picture of their full menu is below, look at that variety! ?

Primo’s Grill & Resto menu

Overall, Primo’s Grill and Resto is one of the more budget-friendly places in Bulacan worth going back to over and over again. As I mentioned in a Facebook review, they serve comforting food that’s quite like what’s served at home at an affordable price point. We look forward to going back and order some more items off their menu so we can discover more of what they do best.

Menu Items: Pinoy food, budget meals, beverages & desserts
Address: JP Rizal St., Sta. Barbara Baliuag, Bulacan. Beside JIL Church, in between St. Mark College and St. Joseph School of Baliwag
Hours:  Mon-Sun 10:00am to 11:00pm
Parking: Limited Car Parking
Contact: 0916 664 6442


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