The Lost Bread Malolos

There’s a new dessert place in town, and it’s pretty cool (no pun intended). The Lost Bread opened its doors to the public for a soft opening on Vista Mall Malolos last December. It’s the first franchise this far north, so you don’t need to head south and go through bumper to bumper traffic just to visit them.

The Lost Bread offers a variety of desserts to sate your sweet tooth, from unique milkshakes to french toasts. We went there with no expectations and zero idea of what they specifically serve, and boy were we delighted.

The space is small, just a few seats, a counter and a couple of tables for those who choose to consume their orders on site. The stream of people buying never lets up though, and the next few pictures will show you why.

Desserts Overload

First up, their pasabog sub-zero soft-serve cup. It’s dessert and a show! I got the Summer Camp S’mores which is soft-serve ice cream with a big toasted marshmallow, crushed graham crackers and drizzled with chocolate syrup via syringe. Naaliw ako besh! Pero the usok effect is an add-on lang naman, you can choose not to order it.

Sub-Zero Summer Camp S’mores (Php185)

Syempre we took a video din kasi it’s fun hihihi. Alam nyo naman tayong mga tiga-probinsya madaling ma-amaze sa ganyan ? I want to edit it in slow motion pero tamad ako kaya nektayms na lang ?

Next up is an over-the-top milkshake that made P & I feel like kids all over again: The Carousel OverShake. Made of their signature milkshake, strawberry syrup, chocnut and pieces of iced gem biscuits, this shake is made OA with peppermint cotton candy on top, two sticks of strawberry wafer sticks and a marshmallow pop. Definitely one of the most indulgent drinks I’ve sampled in my life. I could not imagine finishing this alone, mabuti na lang to the rescue ang bagets.

The Carousel Overshake (Php185)

Naaliw din kami dito sa French Toast Cubes nila. It’s six pieces with different sugar flavors for each: sweet cheese (milk parmesan), matcha envy, coffee fix, hot cocoa (chili chocolate), double chocolate (Oreo chocolate and cocoa) and classic cinnamon. It comes with three syringes that has three sauces: white chocolate, milk chocolate and caramel.

French Toast Cubes (Php99)

Here’s another one of their bestselling Overshakes: Cookie Jar. This one’s milkshake, brown sugar cinnamon, choco chip cookies and chocolate syrup delivered via syringe. I like this better than The Carousel Overshake because it’s tamer ? And I like cinnamon, so.

Cookie Jar Overshake (Php185)

This next one’s fun because it has… liquor! ? They have spiked milkshakes in their menu, which perked P right up ? We chose the Spiked Cookie out of their four spiked offerings mainly because it has Bailey’s and coffee in it. He’s really excited to come back again to taste the other three. This is available only for 18+, of course. But if you don’t like liquor in your milkshake, you can ask to exchange it for chocolate syrup. Instant kid-friendly drink!

Spiked Cookie Milkshake (Php145)

Next we tried is the Okinawa Milktea Milkshake for the bagets because, well, Okinawa. It’s the creamiest Okinawa we’ve had, a bit too sweet for my taste and I would want the tea taste to come through better, but the pearls have gorgeous texture.

Okinawa Milktea Milkshake (Php120)

I really liked their Nut Interested Cake Shake. It’s made of milkshake, brownie, peanut butter and banana, and boy is it a wonderful blend. Together with the generous toppings and chocolate syrup drizzled on top, this might be one of my favorite milkshakes ever. I have a feeling I might like the Doughfee variant too for next visit.

Nut Interested Cake Shake (Php120)

From all we sampled, this one below is of my favorites too: Fitnesse Cereal Milkshake. It’s not as sweet as some of the others, the milkshake base complements the crunchy cereal on top, perfect for someone who doesn’t like it too sweet. I suppose the KoKo Krunch and Milo variants would be a hit for kids. We would definitely try their other cereal milkshakes on our future visits.

Fitnesse Cereal Milkshake (Php120)

Our Feedback

Man that’s a lot of sweets! We all have to chug water like it’s going out of style for the next couple of weeks. But it was super fun, and it was worth it. One of our most enjoyable reviews so far, but maybe that’s just sugar high, I dunno ?

I am concerned with the amount of syringes that they use on some of their products, though. Maybe that’s why they have paper straws, to somehow decrease their plastic waste? I hope to see a better mode of delivery for the sauces in the future ?

As you can see on the pictures below, they have a decent amount of desserts to choose from, with add-ons to make your experience different with each visit. Price-wise, it’s a bit more expensive than most people are used to, but I say it’s worth it for the uniqueness of the menu items. And unless you plan on consuming this everyday, then it’s a reasonably-priced treat once in a while.

As for us, we will definitely be coming back to treat the bagets every now and then. I was informed that they have limited edition flavors that they release from time to time, and I would love to get my hands on that so I can share them with you. I also learned they will come out with salty snacks, to which I say hell yes.

A huge thanks to the couple Herald & Jackie as well as Rollin for chatting with us about their business. And finally, to the crew, who served us our orders with a smile and showmanship. Naks. Thank you guys!

Menu Items: Soft-serve ice cream, Milk shake, French toast
Address: 2F Vista Mall Malolos in front of All Day Supermarket
Hours:  Mon-Sun 10:00am-7:00pm
Parking: Car Parking


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