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Milk Tea in Guiguinto

This post has been a long time coming, but I’m very happy I’m finally doing this today. I can confidently say that PearlPop Milk Tea Hub is one of the best milk tea shops in Guiguinto in terms of the quality of drinks, affordability, service and most of all, proximity to our house #yayme ?

With my big little sister on our latest trip to PearlPop

It’s no secret from my Facebook posts that I’ve been a fan of PearlPop before they even opened. I was honored to have been able to sample their earliest milk tea flavors pre-opening date, and I was really happy when they finally opened August of last year. Fast forward to today, I have sampled most of their milk tea flavors, and I’m pleased to report that their high standards have not changed since then.

The Stars of the Show

In milk tea heaven

I’ve lost count of how many cups of milk tea I’ve had on PearlPop. Okay, I have a list but would rather not count it kasi nakakahiya sa dami ? You would not believe how P’s protests about too much sugar matter very little when I’m faced with a cup from PearlPop. I mean, my fantasies of dieting just fly right out of the window ?

Hard to choose which one is my favorite

They’re all goooood, especially at 25-50% sugar level, but a girl’s gotta have favorites, right? From aaaaaall of the milk tea flavors I’ve tasted, here are my absolute all-time favorites:

Nutella Cheesecake

Nutella Cheesecake. Not only for its pretty pretty swirls na nakakakilig, this one is super linamnam and will make you forget all your stress on your first sip. To be fair, I love all of their Nutella-based drinks pero this one is my first love talaga ?

Lava Oreo Cheesecake

Lava Oreo Cheesecake. For it’s sheer Oreo to cheesecake to milk tea ratio. Ang bigat nito sa sobrang generous ng ingredients nya! Super sulit for the price.

Premium Okinawa

Premium Okinawa. Perhaps you know that Okinawa is one of my favorite milk tea flavors. I always come back to this kahit ano pang fancy milk tea flavors ang ma-encounter ko. PearlPop has one of the best Okinawa milk teas I’ve tasted since I first started drinking milk tea.

Choco Malt Salted Cheese

Choco Malt Salted Cheese. This mouthwatering milk tea is perfectly blended with the choco malt, and the salted cheese gives it a fuller chocolate flavor. May gayuma ata itong drink na ito hihihi.

White Oreo Mist

White Oreo Mist. When they started coming out with their drinks na may whipped cream on top, I was in love! If you like oreo-flavored milk tea, this should be on top of your must-try drinks! As usual, overload on the crushed biscuits and pearls, pati whipped cream hindi ka nila titipirin. 

Cadbury Sensations with rock salt and cheese add-on

Cadbury Sensations. It’s Cadbury-based, what’s not to like? ? Pero what made this my favorite is legit na angat yung tapang ng tea sa drink na ito, perfect with RSC add-on para pak yung chocolate flavor ng Cadbury!

Crema Cappucino with coffee jelly

Crema Cappucino. Award itong coffee-based milk tea flavor nila na ito. Dagdagdan mo pa ng coffee jelly, arujusku. Magigising ka talaga sa sarap ? Pwede rin syang orderin na milk-based, kung hindi mo trip ang milk tea-based.

Chocomalt Oreo

Chocomalt Oreo. Sa mga hot drinks naman nila, this one is my favorite. Sobrang nakaka-relax nya after mo inumin. It’s the warm feeling in your stomach na parang ang sarap matulog na lang after drinking this. Hihihi.

Frozen Rocky Road

Frozen Rocky Road. Last but definitely not the least ay itong Frozen Rocky Road nila. This is a limited-edition drink lang pero I’m hoping they make it a permanent item on the menu. That or they bring it back again next Christmas ?

What I love about PearlPop is that they are always coming out with new flavors, all made with love and care by the owners. They always make sure to use only the highest quality ingredients they can find without sacrificing the price point. Alam nyo bang their milk teas start only at Php59?!? ?

Snacks Galore

Ask me for a milk tea date, the answer is always heck yes

A milk tea shop without snacks is kind of kulang, you need something to balance the sweetness of your drinks diba. So I was super happy when they had snacks available on the menu. Here are all their snacks to date, with plans of coming out with more in the next few months:

Overload Nachos
Siomai & Sharks Fin

The last three are new, but the nachos have been on their menu since the beginning, so it’s become a favorite. And can you believe the amount of toppings on that plate? All for Php129 lang yan! ?

Wrapping It Up

I don’t think I will ever get tired of saying that I just love PearlPop, not only their products but the people who make up this little milk tea shop. I know I will always come back for more and continue encouraging others to do the same. This year I want to start bringing in more family and friends for a milk tea date whenever I can so they too can appreciate all the goodness that is PearlPop ?

My young bloggers-in-training
Two of the cutest PearlPoppers I’ve ever taken a picture of

I want to take this opportunity to thank the owners Bernice and Philippe for trusting me to help in the promotion of their business. I also want to thank the super bait crew of PearlPop who always go the extra mile when preparing my orders: Mau, Ivan, Justine, Pantone & EJ. Y’all are a lovely bunch of people ?

Ang paborito kong milk tea crew sa balat ng lupa hihihi

Menu Items: Milk tea and snacks
Address: Tabang, Guiguinto, Bulacan opposite Susan’s Lugawan near Tabang Brgy. Hall (
Hours:  Mon-Sun 10:00am to 10:30pm
Parking: Paid car parking across the street
Contact: 0961 270 9932


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