Yoshimeatsu Bocaue

Unlimited Yakiniku in Bocaue

We had the pleasure of dining it at Yoshimeatsu Bocaue a couple of months back to try their unlimited offering: Japanese Yakiniku with a Korean twist. For Php549 per head, you get thirteen types of meat for grilling over charcoal plus nineteen types of side dishes, PLUS FREE ice cream of the day for dessert!

Main dining area

The main dining area is packed full when we arrived. There’s also a steady stream of people waiting to dine by the door. Note that this is lunchtime on a weekday, so imagine how many more people are here during weekend dinners. I’ll give you a clue: SO. MANY.

Secondary dining area

The secondary dining area, separate from the main dining area, is unoccupied when we got there. This is opened to diners as soon as the main area is full. Their red and gold motif does something to the appetite, to my own, at least (kind of like how Jollibee does it). I love how even the tableware stays true to the theme!

On to the Food!

Food is what we came here for, and that’s what we got and more. They served us all thirteen meats and all nineteen side dishes, plus they let us take pictures of the drinks that are available for purchase in the resto.

Food coma in the making

It is important to note that this is not the amount that will be served to you outright when you dine in with them. You will be served two plates at a time, so if it’s your first time, make sure to order everything and just go back for seconds on your favorites.

All thirteen meats are grilled over charcoal. Only the higher-end samgyeopsal places I’ve been to offer this type of cooking (most use a portable stove using butane), and I’m glad Yoshimeatsu is one of them. This provides a smoke flavor component from the charcoal. Their exhaust system is pretty good so there’s little worry of smelling like grilled meat going home.

13 types of meat for grilling

If I were made to pick, my favorites from their meats would have to be the seafood cheese ball (cheese explosion in your mouth ?), slice fatty beef yakiniku, sakana tofu, pork intestine and spicy sliced pork bouquet. As you can see from the pictures, their sliced meats are on the thin side, so if you’re not a fan, skip them and go for the other meats instead.

19 kinds of side dishes

Hindi papatalo ang side dishes nila syempre. While meats are usually the star of the show sa mga unlimited restos, Yoshimeatsu’s side dishes steal the spotlight with their strong ensemble worth going back for. Ang favorites ko dito ay yung lahat ng maki at tempura. Their kimchi is also pretty good. The buttered kimchi rice was a surprise, I really liked it.

Ice cream for dessert

To cap off the meal, enjoy a free serving of their creamy ice cream for dessert. We went for the mango ice cream, already forgot about the other option available that day, sorry. The bagets finished it fast. She knew we were going to Sakura Hanami next door (the pink milk tea shop I featured on the blog a few weeks back) so she was raring to go ?

What Sets Yoshimeatsu Apart

Happy introvert LOL

Yoshimeatsu is different from most restaurants in Bulacan in that they just love their technology. There’s a tablet for ordering on each table, so you don’t need to get the attention of the busy staff to request for more servings. Just tap on the tablet for your choices and voila, it will be served to you in a few minutes.

It’s an introvert’s dream come true you guys, no more talking to other people ? This is only the second restaurant that I’ve encountered that has this feature (the first being Yayoi in SM Megamall) and I hope more and more businesses will incorporate this in their system. Even Yoshimeatsu’s garbage cans have motion sensor! How cool is that?

Final Thoughts

I was able to talk to one of the owners about their business and was really impressed with what they have now and the plans that they have for the future. The staff was always smiling and pretty fast in doing their jobs so I’m really happy in that respect. The ambiance is pretty energetic as a whole. Big groups of families and friends just having the time of their life during lunch time.

We thought we were served a copious amount of food that we will not be able to finish but guess what, we did finish all of it! Hah! We even asked for seconds of the seafood cheese ball and the lettuce. I’m never doubting our ability to polish off what’s on the table, ever ?

We went home with happy hearts and full tummies. Will we be going back again? Yes, definitely. I’m bringing my family here next time.

Menu Items: Unlimited Yakiniku and side dishes
Address: JP Rizal St. Biñang 2nd Bocaue, Bulacan (in front of St. Paul Hospital, pagbaba ng Bocaue flyover behind Nitro Gasoline Station)
Hours:  Mon-Sun 11:00am to 12:00mn
Parking: Car Parking
Contact: 0977 339 1171

Facebook: https://facebook.com/YoshimeatsuBocaue
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yoshimeatsu

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