Pablings Barber Shop Marilao

Pablings Barber Shop Marilao

A concept barbershop in Marilao, Bulacan with a rustic feel, known for their fades, beard sculpting and hair art.

Concept Barber in Marilao

I have been badgering P to get a haircut lately. He has been keeping it long for more than a year and I miss his clean cut so much I took it upon myself to look for a barber shop that he will like. He’s very particular about where he goes to and most of the times end up doing it himself because he didn’t like the outcome of his haircut.

The calm before the storm

Then the owner of Pablings reached out to me. It was kismet. I looked over their Facebook page and really liked what I saw, so we scheduled a visit for this month. We arrived at the shop a few minutes before it opened, so we were able to see it in a state of quiet, which was quite pleasant, actually.

We were let in by barber Jayr so we can take a few pictures while he gets the shop ready for clients. P and I love their interior. It was rustic, very manly, but still very inviting. Now I don’t enter a lot of barber shops for obvious reasons, but if all barber shops look like this I’d be willing to accompany P every time ?

Thirty minutes after opening

We went on a Thursday morning because the owner said there won’t be a lot of people during that time. However, not a mere hour after the shop sign has been flipped to open, there was already a line of people waiting for their turn ? Heck, someone said they’d been waiting for the shop to open since 8:00am ?

The barbers in action

Who knew I would love the vibe of a barber shop? I saw a kid and his dad going in for a quick cut, a little baby getting sat on his mom’s lap so he could have his hair cut, groups of friends of all ages, a grandmother bringing his grandson in. If this is how a normal Thursday looks, I can only imagine the mob that goes in during weekends ?

Clients of all ages go in for a Pablings haircut

I talked to some of the people waiting for their turn and they said they’re regulars of Pablings. I asked them why they keep coming back, and they said the barbers here are the best they’ve ever been to. One said he didn’t even live near the shop but travel a bit of a ways just to get his hair regularly trimmed. I think that speaks volumes of the quality of work that they do there at Pablings.

Clients in various stages of work being done

Pablings’ specialties are their fades, their beard sculpting and their hair art. I think people keep coming back because they feel like they’re getting their money’s worth when they are at Pablings. Even the basic Tabas Pablings at Php180 includes a hot or cold towel, a finishing style, complimentary massage and a free coffee! Who doesn’t like a pampering like that?

Ahit Pablings
Free massage
Hair blower
Finishing style

I especially love that they’re so good with kids, and they don’t even charge extra for them. I can understand why the locals would bring their kids here. What’s even better is the look on the kids’ faces after their cut, like they’re so proud of the way their haircut turned out and their beaming with so much pride ?

Kid getting a haircut from Pablings

Aside from their services, Pablings also has their own line of products in the shop. They likewise carry other brands in-store but they want to bring in more of their own brand eventually. Right now, they have the Minoxidil spray for beard and their oil-based pomade (which P already loves using).

Php600 Minoxidil spray, Php300 oil-based pomade

I highly recommend to secure a spot if you plan to go on a weekend by booking an appointment days in advance. I kid you not, they are in very high demand and it is difficult to just walk in and expect to be immediately be taken care of, unless you are willing to wait for your turn.

Pablings’ appointment page and the list of services they offer + prices

While I wasn’t able to convince P to finally get a haircut, our trip was not in vain. I actually enjoyed observing the social dynamics of the barber shop, something I’ve never done before. I also did manage to have P agree to “think” about getting a clean cut soon. ? Men, huh?

Before I end this post, I want to thank the owners Mike and Camille and their cool crew for accommodating and taking time to talk to us when we were there. I promise to drag P back into your shop as soon as I can ?

Gwapong Pablings
Photo opp on their huge ass sofa. Look, my feet are dangling!

Services: Haircut, hair color, hair styling, beard shave, beard sculpting, hair art, hair & scalp treatment, massage
Address: New Hall Commercial Centre Loma de Gato, Marilao next to Puregold Loma de Gato, beside Andoks. You can also Waze Pablings
Hours:  Mon-Sun 10:00am to 9:00pm (8:00pm cut-off)
Parking: Car Parking
Contact: 0995 849 5491 or email


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