Nuat Thai Vista Mall Malolos

Foot and Body Massage in Malolos

Nung nag-open ang Vista Mall sa Malolos, ang daming businesses din ang nagsimulang pumwesto sa kanila. Isa na dito yung Nuat Thai Foot and Body Massage na isa sa mga kilalang massage places hindi lang dito sa Bulacan, kundi sa buong Pilipinas.

P as been complaining of back pain ever since we started the process of moving house. Sa dami ng kinailangan nyang gawin to facilitate the move, madalas pagod na pagod sya at the end of the day. So when Nuat Thai extended an invitation to try their massage services, I immediately told P that we should go. Sakto Valentine’s nun, so they have an ongoing promo.


They didn’t have clients when we went kaya nakapag-picture kami ng maayos. Well, as much as the muted lighting of a typical massage place allows. First impressions: malinis, mabango and maximized yung space nya to allow for nine massage beds and one foot massage chair. It’s the most beds in a massage place we’ve been to, so if you like massage as a bonding activity with your friends or family, I can recommend them because they can easily accommodate you.

Foot wash area

You have to keep in mind that the dividers of the beds are curtains lang, so it can be a deal breaker for some people who prefer the maximum privacy of actual walls. But you can just go during off-peak hours like we did para wala kayong kasabay. It’s usually weekdays in the morning daw when there’s not a lot of clients.

Massage beds

We didn’t know what to expect going in. Thai massage is new for us so we had no idea what that means in terms of massage style. Both P and I were attended by Ms. Jestine on different days (we went back for my foot massage). If you like strong pressure massage, you should request for her when you visit this branch.

Tools of the trade

P went first with his aromatherapy massage with herbal balls (Php600). We chuckled when we heard herbal balls because we’re juvenile like that ? It turns out it’s a warm compress with aromatic herbs used as a massage tool. You learn something new every day ?

Please note that it’s not usually this bright if you’re going for a massage. I had to document the entire thing so I told Jestine to leave the lights on and told P to just shut his eyes so he can relax as much as he can.

Jestine’s pretty strong for a woman her height. During the stretching phase (pictures of which I cannot post because it might reveal “trade secrets” as Jestine pointed out), they even looked like they were wrestling ? I didn’t think P was ready for the intensity ?

Using herbal balls

The session lasted for one and a half hours. And did I tell you how spas/massage places make me extra sleepy because of the smell/music/dimness combo? I was about ready to sleep in the next bed, TBH ?

Stretching stage

The next visit was my turn for a foot scrub with massage (Php650). It was pretty cramped in the space with me, Jestine and P trying to get a good angle for shots ? Again, this isn’t usually how bright it is. We just needed the light for taking pictures.

Soak and scrub muna before massage. Pagkaupo ko pa lang ng chair for the soak antok na ako ? The scrub was no-frills meant to clear away my dearly departed skin cells. Getting one is always so relaxing, I could fall asleep.

The massage was pleasant, too. By now I think I’ve gotten used to getting my feet massaged that I don’t mind it anymore. Keep in mind that when we first started getting massages, I was afraid of even a hand massage. My entire introvert self was against it ? The entire thing was an hour, and by the end I was ready to teleport home so I can go straight to bed to sleep. Hihi.

I’m not sure when I’ll hustle enough bravery to go in for a full body massage, but you’ll definitely know when I do because I’ll blog about it for sure ? Here’s a short video showing you a peek of their massage place at Vista Mall. As usual, forgive my video-taking skills ?

Finally, a picture of their services and their prices so you know what their price and service range is.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Sir Armand and all the staff, especially to Jestine for accommodating us during our visit. They were more self-conscious than most businesses we’ve visited but I think it’s the fact that they’re branch is still super new. I am excited to watch them grow!

Services Offered: Foot and body massage, body scrub, ventosa, hot stone, aromatherapy
Address: 4F Vista Mall Malolos in front of All Toys/The Lost Bread, near the cinema
Hours:  Mon-Sun 10:00am-9:00pm
Parking: Car Parking
Contact: 0921 472 4270 or 0927 183 3292


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