Okina Oh-Naka Malolos

Unlimited Samgyeopsal in Malolos

Just when I thought samgyupsal in Bulacan has been dethroned completely by the reigning unli wings craze, here comes Okina Oh-Naka ready to up the unlimited Korean food game once again. Located at the old Premier The Samgyupsal spot directly across Caltex Tikay, Okina Oh-Naka is perfectly situated at the heart of the fastest growing food hub in Malolos today. Can you believe how many establishments are in Tikay nowadays, with more to come on the way? ?

Spacious Okina Oh-Naka interior

I love that their space is so bright. It makes my job as a blogger much easier ? They have ample and comfortable seating as well as an individual exhaust system for each table. We came on a weekday during lunchtime so there’s no people around, perfect for us to take pictures in peace ?

Meats Galore

As the food started coming out of the kitchen in batches, I realized we’re in for another feast. Having food coma has become the norm with these review trips ? Not that anybody’s complaining. Who doesn’t love to eat???

The full spread for Php499 per head

Unlimited Samgyeopsal

If anything can be said about Okina Oh-Naka’s meats, it’s this: there’s definitely something for everyone. With 15 Revolution Meats on the menu in different thickness cuts, you are sure to find at least one thing to rave about. I like that they have thick meat cuts for those who want an authentic Korean samgyupsal experience, and the thinner meat cuts for those who like the Pinoy take on it. This is Php499 per head, but they have cheaper options if you don’t need as much meat variety.

US Marinated Beef
Beef Golden Mushroom
Beef Bulgogi
Beef Teriyaki
Daepae Samgyeop
Black Pepper Pork
Pork Tenderloin
Spicy Pork
Pork Teriyaki
Japanese Spicy Chicken
Teriyaki Chicken
Gochujang Chicken
Bulgogi Chicken

Hangdami dibaaa? ? From all their meats, the ones that stood out for me are: the US marinated beef, the beef golden mushroom, the gochujang chicken, the black pepper pork, the spicy pork, and all their meat teriyakis. Mas enjoyable sya kainin lahat kasi hindi ka mahihirapan ngumuya from the tough meat, lahat sila marinated perfectly at ang lamboooot talaga. Especially the US marinated beef. Grabe yun ?

The main thing that makes them different from other samgyeopsal joints is that they know people come for the meats and not for the sides. So, their sides are not as numerous as most other unlimited samgyupsals I’ve tried. They only have six sides at the moment, which you can see on the photo above. At syempre ang walang kamatayang lettuce na favorite namin forever.

You can also request which sides you want to be served to you on the very first go, ‘di katulad sa iba na serve kaagad ng banchan whether you like all of them or not. I liked their kimchi, their sweet potatoes and their braised baby potatoes the most. Tanggal umay ko sa meat sa luto nila sa sweet potatoes kaya gusto ko sya.

Meron akong short video of all the food sa taas. Alam nyo naman, yan pa lang ang kaya ng tita nyo ngayon ? While everything’s well-seasoned, what really stands out for me is the tenderness of each piece of meat. Panalo talaga sa lambot, isa sa mga pinakamalambot na samgyeopsal meats sa lahat ng nakainan ko. But wait, there’s more!

Unlimited Chicken Wings

Meron din silang unlimited chicken for Php199, share ko lang din. Four flavors ang meron sila: garlic parmesan, sweet spicy, butter, soy chicken. Sweet spicy and soy chicken are my picks. I felt the butter chicken was too buttery, mej naumay ako agad on the first piece pa lang. But that’s just me.

Garlic Parmesan, Sweet Spicy, Butter, Soy chicken

Below is their full menu. Their Korean samgyeopsal and the wings are available for unlimited, while their Japanese and Chinese menu items (and some Korean items) are for à la carte ordering. We haven’t tried any of the à la carte items yet, maybe next visit.

Kids’ & Seniors’ Rate

A lot of people ask me on the Facebook page about the kids’ rate of samgyeopsal joints here in Bulacan. As for Okina Oh-Naka, 0-2 yrs old eat FREE while 3-7 yrs old are discounted at 50% off the regular price. Senior discounts not applicable to the unlimited selections because it’s already a promotional price. But the discount is still applicable to à la carte items.

Parking Information

They have spacious parking with an attendant at the back of the building so you don’t need to worry about leaving your vehicle while you eat at Okina Oh-Naka. Around 5 cars and several motorcycles for the parking in front and even more at the back.


We were super satisfied with our dine in experience at Okina Oh-Naka. It’s definitely value for your money at Php499 a pop for all the different types of meat that they serve you there. They don’t stuff you with banchan you don’t like just to get more earnings out of each customer, which is what I like most. There weren’t a lot of people around when we went so service was pretty fast. They even changed our grill pan when the surface became burnt.

I would like to thank Ms. Ana for accommodating us during our visit. We got to talk a bit while P went to fetch the bagets in school so I’m grateful for that time. And last but not least, a picture with the staff ?

I belong! LOL

Menu Items: Unlimited Japanese yakiniku, unlimited Korean samgyupsal, Chinese cuisine, unlimited chicken wings, ice cream desserts
Address: Tikay, Malolos in front of Caltex Tikay, beside Starbucks
Hours:  Mon-Sun 11:00am to 12:00mn
Parking: Spacious car parking at the back of the building with parking attendant

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/okinaohnaka

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