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Dental Clinic in Guiguinto

We were scheduled for the dentist before the pandemic started, kaso either ang daming tao lagi sa clinic when we’re available or nakakatamaran na pumunta, hanggang sa inabot na kami ng quarantine ? But I think it’s meant to be, dahil ang first ever review trip namin uli after a long time is to this modern dental clinic in Guiguinto that’s very close to home.

dental clinic guiguinto
Picture from the outside

One year in operation pa lang yung Signature Smile PH sa Guiguinto, but their young resident dentists have already been practicing their profession at another dental clinic in Makati before that. When the quarantine started, they decided to focus more on their practice in Bulacan in order to service our kababayans better. Their clinic is easily accessible to everyone because of their location along the highway. They’re also on Waze and Google maps for those coming with their own vehicles.

Comfort & Amenities

dental clinic guiguinto
Reception area

Pagpasok pa lang namin, ramdam agad ang kaibahan with other dental clinics we’ve been to. Usually we go to the ones inside malls so medyo cramped in space, and they always have a weird “dental office smell”. Signature Smile PH in Guiguinto smells pleasant, and has a spacious reception area so you’re comfortable while waiting.

dental clinic guiguinto
Reception area

While they don’t accept walk-ins right now, you might still find yourself waiting for your turn kasi they only accept one client at a time (two in separate rooms if the clients are related), for your safety and everyone in the clinic na rin. Only one companion is allowed for seniors and pediatric patients. Expect your next visit to the dentist to be a lot different than you’re used to amid this health crisis.

dental clinic guiguinto
Reception area

A lot has to be gone through before actually starting an appointment: a foot bath before entering, shoe covers are provided, checking of body temperature, disinfecting hands with alcohol, there’s a misting disinfectant machine near the entrance, signing in a patient’s screening form and informed consent, wearing of PPE and hair cover, leaving personal belongings in box and lastly, mouth rinsing.

dental clinic guiguinto
Misting disinfectant machine
Full battle gear

They have two adjacent treatment rooms that are both bright and spacious. Everything looks shiny and new, the dental chairs are comfortable, and the entire clinic is clean as a whistle.

dental clinic guiguinto
Treatment room 1

Dra. Shamira stayed with Svet in the first room while Dra. Ericka attended to me in the other room. P was taking pictures outside in the reception area. Well, at least he’s trying to. He looked like a paparazzi the entire time ?

dental clinic guiguinto
Treatment room 2

Modern Dental Equipment

There are dental equipment in the clinic that I’ve never seen in any of the other clinics we’ve been to here in Bulacan. Suffice it to say we were impressed, even more so when they explained to us what each equipment is for.

dental clinic guiguinto
Aerosol suction machine

Nakatutok sa akin yung aerosol suction machine while teeth cleaning. This is to prevent dentist-patient infection daw, kasi the machine absorbs the bioaerosols generated during a dental session. Nifty, and 100% necessary.

dental clinic guiguinto
Digital Periapical X-ray
dental clinic guiguinto
X-ray room

As part of my appointment, a dental assistant brought me to an X-ray room where she took my Panoramic X-ray. This is so Dra. Ericka can identify the parts of my mouth that needs attention. They told me this x-ray can do Panoramic, Cephalometric, TMJ, PA, Submentovertex, Periapical, Bitewing and Carpus x-rays. This is what primarily sets Signature Smile PH apart from other dental clinics here in Bulacan.

First timer, parang di masaya

So nalaman ko guys na may wisdom teeth pala ako. NIAHAHAHA! All this time akala ko wala kasi hindi ko sya naramdaman tumubo. I guess I’m lucky in that way, doubly lucky pa that they are not misaligned or impacted kaya no need to take them out sabi ni Dra. I had my teeth cleaned and my chipped front teeth filled in during our visit. The entire procedure was done fast and efficiently. Dra. Ericka also answered all questions I had while I was in the chair.

dental clinic guiguinto
Svet with Dra. Shamira

Meanwhile in the other room, Svet was with Dra. Shamira. She had her last milk tooth taken out. Hindi na talaga baby ang anak ko, permanent na lahat ng teeth nya ?

Me with the staff

This dentist trip is certainly different, but in a good way. I’m happy that Signature Smile PH takes stringent measures during this time, giving me peace of mind regarding everyone’s safety. I hope all dental clinics in Bulacan are practicing the same, as we try and adapt to this brand new world outside.

My “Signature Smile”

Before I end this post, I want to share with you this exclusive 15% discount ON ALL DENTAL SERVICES offered to all La Bulakenya fans!

dental clinic guiguinto
15% dental discount in Bulacan

*Some photos in this post are owner-provided. Due to the stricter pandemic guidelines, we weren’t able to move as freely to take pictures like we used to. I guess this is my #newnormal as a Bulacan blogger.

Services Offered: Digital Peri-Apical Radiograph, Digital Panoramic X-ray, Digital Cephalometric X-ray, Digital TMJ X-ray, Dental Consultation, Dentures, Dental Bridges, Dental Crowns, Dental Implants, Dental Sealants, Fluoride Treatment, Dental Filling, Dental Restoration, Invisalign – Clear Aligners, Mouth Guard, Oral Prophylaxis (Dental Cleaning), Orthodontics (Braces), Periodontics, Pits and Fissure Sealant, Porcelain Veneers, Professional Teeth Whitening, Root Canal Treatment, TMJ Therapy, Tooth Extraction, Wisdom Tooth Removal
Address: 2F GNM Bldg. McArthur Hwy Tuktukan, Guiguinto near Oro Villas Subd., in the same building as Alfamart Tuktukan
Hours:  Mon-Sun 9:00am to 6:00pm
Parking: Car Parking
Contact: 0917 316 7656 or (044) 237 7656


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