Samgyupsalan Unli Korean BBQ Meycauayan

Unlimited Samgyeopsal in Meycauayan

Here’s another samgyeopsal option for you to explore: Samgyupsalan Unli Korean BBQ in Meycauayan! P and I drove to their place last Monday upon the owner’s invitation, to discover what they have to offer to samgyeopsal fans in Bulacan. Conveniently located in a new building less than 500 meters away from Savemore Market Malhacan, the newest player in the unlimited dining landscape in Meycauayan is packing a punch.

The Place

With its first branch in Valenzuela, the Meycauayan branch of Samgyupsalan Unli Korean BBQ is already the third one to open (the second one being in Mandaluyong). If they are already on their third branch, there must be something that they’re doing right, yeah?

Resto view from the entrance

Their open air setup has allowed them to maximize their seating capacity, and has proven a strong selling for customers nowadays trying to avoid indoor dining due to the threat of COVID-19. Air circulation is great, there are vents up top preventing the smoke from sticking too much to the diners. Notice the shield on the portable butane stoves, which is a neat addition, I think.

Another resto view

Currently an al fresco hot spot for Meycaueños, Samgyupsalan is enjoying a surge of people curious to try their offerings. So what do they have to offer?

Additional seating out front

The Menus

First things first, the pricing. They have an opening promo at Php299 per head for their cheapest unlimited set. Normally at Php319, it includes all their plain and marinated pork and chicken meat options, plus their unlimited banchan, rice, soup, iced tea, lettuce and sauces that come with all sets.

You get twelve plain and marinated meats (pork, chicken and beef) plus unlimited enoki beef and steamed egg on their priciest set at Php449 per head. You have to order their unli cheese separately.

The Food

They were expecting us when we arrived, so we were immediately served food. Sakto paalis din yung two other groups that were eating a late lunch at the time, so they were able to focus on accommodating us. Ayun ang tip if you want to avoid the crowd, go on a weekday and around 2PM ?

Samgyupsalan Unli Korean BBQ spread

The above picture is a special set whose meats they’ve selected for us, I’m assuming yung mga customer favorite meats yan lahat. Isa-isahin natin sila. Below is their beef enoki, which I loved. Ang daming enoki! ?

Enoki beef, my forever love

Below are the other meats that were served. We especially loved the bulgogi and the curry, especially when dipped into their special garlic yogurt sauce. Yum!!! The rest of the marinated meats were really good, too. Kaya for us sobrang sulit na for the price.

Let’s talk about their side dishes next, particularly my favorites. Yung jap chae nila was actually good, not too greasy, which P and I really liked. The sausage was surprising kasi cheesy pala sya! The kimchi and steamed egg was very good, too.

Pero ang stand out sakin yung cheese nila. Parang naka-tatlong pa-refill kami kasi ang sarap nyaaaa! I don’t usually eat rice when eating out sa samgyeopsal so I can eat more meat, pero ewan ko ba dito sa cheese nila ang sarap iulam sa rice e ? So yes, Samgyupsalan’s cheese definitely shot up in my top three samgyeopsal cheeses in Bulacan. It’s not just pure saltiness, it’s really creamy, too.

The Takeout Set

We didn’t stop at dining in, we also had their to-go set that we enjoyed at home the very next day! We got the barkada package, priced at Php1999. This is good for 12-15 persons kaya perfect for a get-together talaga. This is only a Christmas promo, so get it while you can!

Samgyupsalan Barkada Package
Happy kid

Eto yung to-go menus nila, for your reference:


Pang-ulit ba? Definitely yes! Kahit nga cheese lang ang i-serve nila sa akin masaya na ako ? Also happy that they have takeout sets para we don’t need to drive pa just to enjoy their dishes. I highly recommend that you try Samgyupsalan Unli Korean BBQ, I promise it’s a lot of bang for your buck.

La Bulakenya with Glen at Samgyupsalan Unli Korean BBQ

Menu Items: Unlimited samgyeopsal, samgyeopsal sets for takeout
Address: 281 Malhacan Rd. Meycauayan, Bulacan. Across Bulak Rd. near Simbahang Bilog, less than 500 meters away from Savemore Market
Hours:  Mon-Sun 11:00am-10:00pm
Parking: Limited Car Parking
Contact: 0926 555 6035


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