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We’re smack dab in the middle of the holiday season, kaya ang benta na naman ng Resorts in Bulacan album natin sa Facebook page. At dahil dyan, let me share with you my latest discovery right in my hometown! Casita Amelia is a private pool for rent located inside a subdivision in Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Guiguinto, Bulacan. The resort started operations halfway through 2021 and they’re still finding their legs at this time because operations have been on and off due to IATF restrictions. But now that health protocols are slowly loosening up (and hopefully tuloy tuloy na ito), they are now open to accepting reservations for your preferred date!

First look at Casita Amelia

Initial Impressions

We’re a mere twenty-minute drive from the resort, so that’s a huge plus for us. Our get-togethers as a family have always been at private resorts in other towns, a lot of which are hours away from us, so having Casita Amelia as an option is pretty sweet. Especially for P, who’s the only one who knows how to drive between the two of us ?

Casita Amelia gate

They are easy to find because they’re already on Google Maps and Waze, but even if you still get lost you can always ask the tricycle drivers you will most probably cross paths with, and ask for directions to Casita Amelia. Parking is no problem, as they have a designated parking space inside the resort so you won’t have to worry about your vehicles especially if you’re planning to stay overnight.

Parking area

The Price

Let’s dispense with the most important factor first: the price. Unlike most private pools that offer one price point as a whole package price, Casita Amelia actually has tiered pricing which allows you to pick and choose which amenities you will use during your stay. It’s neat if you’re looking to save money on utilities that you probably won’t even use as you enjoy your mini-vacation here. Free wifi is included in the base rate, so that’s a nice little perk.

I won’t put their rates in here so the Casita Amelia management can explain it better to you when you inquire about their prices on their Facebook page. For a number you can call, please refer to the details at the end of the post. But to give you an idea: the price of the 30 pax, 22-hour stay including all available add-ons will cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of Php25,000. This price point is in par with some of the nicer private resorts we’ve stayed in here in Bulacan.

The Pool Area

They have a decent-sized pool with a mini bubble pool built on the main pool’s edge. The pool is 5.5-ft in its deepest, a depth someone who doesn’t know how to swim like me is comfortable with ? The pool is located in front of the villa, which lends some shade over the pool when the sun’s up.

Pool area

When we arrived, the owner himself was cleaning the pool area, which shows how serious they are about taking care of their property. The son’s owner told us that they have staff for maintenance, but are still training them so they are still very hands-on about the resort’s operations.

Mini bubble pool

The Pavillion

The pavillion area is immediately on your left if you enter through the small gate of the property. It is decent-sized, and the management provides ample chairs and tables in the area depending on head count. There is a free videoke that you can use until 10:00pm, the standard limit for videoke use following House Bill No. 1035.

The pavillion (photo from management)

A small, non-air-conditioned room is attached to the pavillion, which is the room included in the base rate. This is enough for their shortest 8-hour stay, and it has a washroom/shower room inside it.

The non-air-conditioned room attached to the pavillion with a washroom/shower room

The Villa

The villa is optional, but is a very nice and comfortable place to hang out in so if your budget allows for it, I highly recommend that you get it. There are three bedrooms in the villa as well as a kitchen, a sala with tv where the billiard table also resides, and three comfort rooms. The rooms in the villa can be included in the rates separately, depending on your need.

The villa entrance, sala view from outside
The billiard table space, sala view from the inside
Another view of the sala
Room A with a view of the pool
Room A with a view of the small pond with turtles
Another view of Room A. Extra beds available upon request
Bathroom inside Room A
Room B with a view of the pool
Another view of Room B. Extra beds available upon request
Room C with three double deck beds. Extra beds available upon request
Another view of Room C

The Rest of the Place

The garden area is a great place to use for taking pictures, as it has a mini-bridge, a fish pond, a small waterfalls, the fire pit and a bench set. You can also pitch your own tents here if you want, for an additional fee.

Garden view
Another garden view facing the pool. To the left of the photo are two more shower rooms back-to-back
The small waterfalls
The fire pit (photo from management)

There are two kitchens you can use, one outdoor kitchen included in the base rate, located at the back of the pavillion. We curiously do not have a picture of this area, but the picture below from the mini bridge shows you where it is. You can also see the two comfort rooms included in the base rate on this shot.

The other kitchen is inside the villa, and it has a refrigerator, a sink, a water dispenser and a dining table. The door on the right of the picture is a storage room not accessible to guests.

The kitchen in the villa

I liked hanging out in the veranda during the night because it was pleasantly cold in there. I saw in earlier pictures on Casita Amelia’s page that it didn’t have a roof in their earlier days so I’m glad they made that upgrade.

Roofed veranda
Stairs with the door of one of the comfort rooms in the villa at the bottom

It is important for me to note that all the comfort and shower rooms in the place are nice and working properly. As a family, we get turned off by private resorts who obviously neglect the care of these important amenities and never go back to them again. Hopefully as time passes, Casita Amelia will still be well-kept after much guest use.

Bathroom A inside the villa
Bathroom B inside the villa
The open shower area

This is one of the bearded dragons residing in Casita Amelia that you can feed. They also have turtles that you can feed as well. This is a unique feature of the private resort that I’m guessing is a huge hit with kids and people who like these animals like P.

P’s new friend, whom he took a lot of pictures with LOL

Night Shots from the Party

Casita Amelia is even prettier at night with all the lights on. Here are some of my shots during the year end party of the GOP Riders.

Pool area at night
Pool area view from the veranda.
The veranda at night
The billiard table in use
Group picture of almost everyone who graced GOP Riders’ year end party, including Guiguinto Mayor Boy Cruz and Vice Mayor JJ Santos and other local officials

Official Photos from Casita Amelia

In Closing

While this post is as extensive as I can make it, they have an official document that’s always updated in terms of prices, rules and resort improvements. You can refer to it HERE.

You will be given a copy of the rules upon inquiry, so you and your group know what to follow and observe whilst inside the premises. They are pretty strict about it, which I completely understand for the sake of maintaining the property’s integrity. They are also strict about following health protocols required by the IATF, so you can rest easy in that regard. It is likewise very important to keep in mind that the maximum head count is only 30, so please take that into consideration when planning your event.

Casita Amelia is pretty spacious, and there are a lot of things to occupy yourself with during your stay. I recommend their 22-hour stay in order to fully enjoy everything that the place has to offer. I have been there twice: once during the ocular visit, and another for the overnight party. Both times I was somewhat preoccupied with things other than just completely enjoying and appreciating the place, so a third time with my inner family circle is definitely in the works.

Casita Amelia is, after all, one of the nicer private pools around Bulacan. I have no doubt it will stay that way for a long time given the level of commitment of the family who owns it. So if you’re looking for a place to host your get-togethers in, Casita Amelia is the place to be.

La Bulakenya with Russel at Casita Amelia

Special thanks to Russel and his dad for showing us around during the ocular visit, and for being there during the year end party to ensure that we have what we need. I wish you the best of luck in your business, and I hope your experiences will give you valuable insight on how to maintain and add to the beauty of your private resort for years to come. See you again soon!

Amenities: Pool, pavillion, villa, shower and comfort rooms, videoke, pool table, bon fire pit, beer pong tables, free wifi, two kitchens, grill, fish pond, water falls, turtle and bearded dragon feeding
Address: Blk. 16 Lt. 1 Turquoise St. Rosaryville Phase 2 Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Guiguinto, Bulacan
Contact: 09171882997


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